Ask Me Anything on Divorce - August 2022

ama anxiety relationships team Aug 26, 2022

Thank you so much to all the wonderful people who came (in person or later online here!) to today's Ask Me Anything!! I had some brilliant questions to answer and just loved hearing some of your stories - ok not loved but appreciated and could hugely relate. Sending big love to you all.

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The questions we cover here are:

1. Is there a particular recover time after divorce?

2. How do you move on and find someone new when you have this past?

3. What's worse leaving or being left? (I used an ACTUAL graph to answer this one!!)

4. I was with my ex for 27 years and we have been split up for 2 years. He was violent and I'm struggling to get a divorce and move on and worried I'll be stuck forever...

5. Just recently separated (early August) is there a right time to start the divorce process?

6. Do you ever regret leaving?

7. What's the cheapest way to sort out a legal agreement?

8. My husband has no assets apart from his job and business. He owes me money and the solicitor advises I might not be able to claim that back but he might be entitled to half of my savings. Is that true?

9. Were you worried you'd never have sex again?

10. What was it like when your ex got a new GF?

11. My ex left a year ago after a series of traumas, including his father dying and then Covid. He told me he couldn't cope with our family life and started shutting down from me and all our friends, even the children at times. He was and still is drinking heavily, waking up through the night, sleeping all weekend but functioning at work. We went to two counsellors, one told him they thought he was depressed so he wouldn't go back, the next he wouldn't engage and for a year I was desperate to help him. I kept letting him come and go until I realised I couldn't carry on living in limbo like this. In July I told him to go. Feeling stronger all the time, but still sad and sometimes really shocked this has happened. No one fell out of love, no affairs. I've struggled in a way not feeling like there was a reason. He can't accept his mental health is not good, and won't get help. 

12. My ex is a drinker and doing drugs and out all the time when I was with my family or working. I feel guilty because there was no other woman involved and he insisted he never had another woman in the 2 years since we've split.

13. How do I stay in a place that broke me when I'm not fully healed?




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