Confidence at Christmas with Katie Portman - Style Consultant

motherhood Dec 06, 2022

How are you feeling about getting dressed up this Christmas? Can't wait to embody the sparkle? Or fearful of the number of minced pies you've already had?

Whatever is going on - I have JUST the episode of Happily Ever After for you! it will boost your confidence at Christmas and leave you jingling all the way!

Confidence at Christmas with Katie Portman

I'm interviewing the multitalented Katie Portman. She’s an award winning blogger, author, a public speaker and a style consultant. And I LOVED this convo.

Listen to the Confidence at Christmas with Katie Portman episode here.

She’s giving us her best tips on how to feel fabulous this festive period, how to edit our wardrobe and expect a LOT of colour chat as we’re both addicted.

If you don't want to listen, you can read the full transcript here too.

Katie has changed the way I wear clothes this year and basically given me permission and confidence to wear what I want and feel comfortable in. Which means, I'll mainly be wearing Xmas jumpers for the whole of December. Here's my wardrobe edit of discarded kids jumpers through the years! I think you'll agree it's v classy.


Katie's Blog - Pouting in Heels

This article has lots of amazing tips on how to have a successful wardrobe edit.


Here's a great book about how we're influenced by outside forces including colours influence on our mood - Drunk Tank Pink by Adam Alter 

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