Loneliness and your team

confidence divorce freedom loneliness relationships team Mar 14, 2022


Loneliness can be crippling during your divorce. At times I felt like the only person going through this. I didn't want to bother people with my 'drama' or make things worse by dwelling on them.

There were times when I felt so deep in a state of panic that I had nowhere to turn. Asking for help was too difficult. As if I didn't deserve to be supported and I should just struggle on and loneliness is just a byproduct of this.

Often, especially as women, we've been trained to put out fires, problem solve and just do it all by ourselves. We almost pride ourselves on it.

But I've learnt that I am absolutely NOT on my own. My friends and family WANT to help me. They want to listen and support and be there for me.


Asking for help

Asking for help can feel like one of the hardest things in the world but when you're going through a divorce you NEED your team. Your support network who can help emotionally, physically, with childcare, and everything else in between.

My team is one of my greatest achievements from my family and friends to my lawyer and cleaner. I couldn't have got through my divorce without them and will always been eternally grateful for their support.

Who can you ask for help from today?

If you don't anything else today, beat loneliness and start building your team. Flex that asking-for-help muscle and reach out to your love ones. They want to help. 

You deserve to be looked after, helped and supported, and not lonely on your quest for confident freedom!

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