Mums’ Days Tagline Competition … Win £100 in Amazon Vouchers

life motherhood relationships team Oct 20, 2022

Competition time!

Mums’ Days is relaunching in a matter of weeks, so I wanted to ask for your help with coming up with a tagline and run a competition to give away some vouchers to you lovely lot!

The resounding feedback I got was that you wanted Amazon vouchers so I’ve got a £100 voucher for the winner of the tagline comp and £50 vouchers for two runners up (drawn through rafflecopter).

There are lots of ways you can enter using the Rafflecopter below but the one you have to do is come up with a new tagline for the Mums’ Days rebrand!


So what is the rebrand?!

Well, first off, it’s going to be more of the same. I did a survey a few weeks back (please click here to answer a simple question if you haven’t already!) and also asked for testimonials about Mums’ Days over the years.

I love this quote, it’s exactly why I’m here.

“Brutally and beautifully honest. Saying things out loud we all think and fear”

Mums’ Days reader

I want Mums’ Days to continue to be a place where you can just show up as you are and not feel judged. I share my ‘dirty secrets’ so you can show up with yours and feel part of an honest community.

In the survey I asked you to tell me the two things that you are struggling with … they have ranged from parenting guilt to money to exhaustion to boredom and these struggles will be the themes for Mums’ Days going forward!

Of course with a positive spin.

 “You can look at the darkness but don’t stare … the solution is to create magic … create environments where you can find joy because you can create joy.”


New branding

We’ve also asked your opinion on what you’d like the new branding to be like … here are the options! So far number 3 is by far the most popular. Have your say on Facebook.

Community Stories

Back in the day I used to share birth stories.

I want to share your stories again … but on everything!

Many of you have been following Mums’ Days since the start. Many of you have written articles and Birth Stories for MDs! And, while the births are amazing and I’d like to keep sharing them, we’re all evolving.

We’ve all got stuff to say and share and talk about. Maybe it’s even your ‘dirty secret’ (anonymised if you wish!) …

Either way, if you have something to say about parenting, your struggles, or anything else, I would LOVE to hear from you. Please email me [email protected].

We need your story.

MD Tagline Competition!

So, that’s what we’re all about – an honest, open, non-judgemental space to share the darkness and the magic and the joy.

To enter the competition, leave your suggestion for a Tagline in the comments (don’t worry if it doesn’t show up immediately, I might need to approve some of the comments) and fill in the rafflecopter below.

The competition ends on 29th October at 11:59am and I will announce the winners on 31st October!

As a reminder, and as chosen by the MD community – the MD Tagline winner will win a £100 Amazon voucher and two runners up will win a £50 Amazon vouchers each.

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