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Jan 10, 2012

January 2012

My name is Hannah Parker, I'm 28 and I live in Blyth, Northumberland (originally from the midlands, if you'd told me 10 years ago - or 3 come to think of it - that I'd be living in a small, fairly rundown seaside town in the North of England, I wouldn't believe you) with my husband and step daughter, who is 5.

I have recently found out I'm pregnant and I have (about a week ago) decided with my  business partner to close down our business. It is for exciting reasons but nevertheless I am also unemployed.

In true New Year fashion, my mission for the next few months is to sort my life out so that...

a) I am healthy and happy in time for Bday (mid-August);

b) I have made some money/got a job so we are not completely skint; and

c) I have streamlined my life - meaning everything from successful and painfree business closure to uncluttered cupboards and a Gok-style wardrobe.

I am hoping to blog once a day about everything and anything relating to the above - the focus is likely to be on pregnancy and babies growing, sore boobs, clothes, weird things that I've found out and feel it is my duty to share (I already have gem for you - did you know that some pregnant women grow an extra pair of boobs?! I kid you not, more to come on that one!) and the ultimate issue - how not to put on a million pounds and become the size of house (without any impact on kidney bean - that's how big my baby is at the moment).

I hope you find it useful and/or interesting and please do share your thoughts and ideas with me too!


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