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life motherhood relationships Jul 26, 2022
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Last week I sent out a newsletter for the first time in yeeeeaaaars! It felt so nice to have something to say and the response has been overwhelming so thank you so much for everyone who has emailed, DMed and generally sent some love. I’m sending it right back to you.

If you missed the newsletter (don’t miss this week’s Newsletter – subscribe here), the general gist was this…

I messed up. 

I stopped writing and sharing and I’m really sorry about that.

The thing is, and I’m going to be honest here, two things happened. 

The first was that my husband sold his company for a lot of money. I had always prided myself on being honest about my struggles with life and everything else, and I didn’t know how to be authentic if I didn’t have money worries. I was worried I’d come across as either an ungrateful, whinging tw*t or a showoff.

The second was I got depressed. We moved to a big house on a hill and I became a housewife. I stopped writing and sharing with you all. And stopping doing the thing I loved, the thing that was my purpose in life, was a huge mistake. 

However, I now know this was the path I had to take and learning to shift out of this depression is what led to the wonderful life I’m now living.


During lockdown 2020, Mike and I split up. In fact, it was two years ago last week. Two gruelling years of heartbreak, hurt, frustration and fighting. I’ve had to be very brave and stand up for myself. I’ve also had to dig really deep and work out who I am and take responsibility for my part in all this.

I’m happy to say we will soon be divorced and we have come to a place where we are friends again. I’ve also moved through so much stuff that I feel confident enough to share again.

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Finally, I’VE STARTED A PODCAST!!! I’m so excited. Come and listen to Happily Ever After… and I’d be eternally grateful if you could leave a review and subscribe.

Last week’s episode was all about what to do in the aftermath of your relationship ending! New episodes here every Tuesday.

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