“And now….. the end is hereeeeee…. And so I face…. the final curtain” Yep, my weight loss after pregnancy experiment with Sound Mind and Body has come to an end! Do I look like Jodie Marsh? No. How’s the mummy tummy? In my humble opinion, much better!

Weight loss after pregnancy – Mummy Tummy background

So to back it up a bit, I am now 10 months post-giving birth and this is how my weight loss after pregnancy has gone so far…

  1. This is my body 4 days, 3 weeks and 5 months after giving birth
  2. These were the goals I set when I started training with Sound Mind and Body back in February (3 months ago)
  3. This is the mummy tummy workout that Dan from Sound Mind and Body designed for us (you and me!): part 1 and part 2 (if you put them together that’s a 30 minute workout!)
  4. And this is how I got on for deadline 1 (a date with a bikini in Gran Canaria)

Mummy tummy and weight loss after pregnancy

Reuben turned 10 months last week. That’s 10 whole months since I started concentrating on my mummy tummy.

Mummy tummy and weight loss after pregnancy - 10 months later

Sorry for the shameless selfie but I was off out to meet Mike for his birthday and very pleased with myself for fitting back into this dress. Plus I’d shaved my legs.

So I guess the big question is…did working with a personal trainer help with my weight loss after pregnancy goals, which was to start looking buff (particularly in the mummy tummy region) 3 months later?! This is what I’ve learnt…

Mummy Tummy – working with a personal trainer

  1. You’re not on your own – The best thing for me was feeling like I wasn’t on my own. I’m not a massive fan of big group exercise classes. There’s always a clique I’m not in, I never feel like I’m getting any attention (which sounds stupid but when you’re trying to lose weight and get fit, you do really need a bit of attention to keep motivated!), and generally I feel like a dork. So instead I opt for solo exercise, running outside or working out in the gym. With a personal trainer I felt special and like some really wanted to help me reach my goals! Now that’s motivating.
  2. You don’t turn into Jodie Marsh* just by getting a personal trainer – again it sounds stupid but in my mind having a personal trainer meant all I had to do was go and I’d get pumped. First of all, despite the fact that Reuben is sleeping generally really well, it is still exhausting having a baby! So, I didn’t progress as fast as I thought I would. Also, the reason Jodie Marsh looks like Jodie Marsh is because she is 100% committed and never deviates from her 12 egg whites and 25 protein shakes she has a day (or whatever it is she has). I’ve got to admit I struggled with this. Since Reuben I have a major sweet tooth, not to mention a penchant for the giggle juice, also known as liquid cake or alcohol…
  3. Alcohol vs Juicing  – Right obviously in a fight between alcohol and juice (as in freshly made juice in your kitchen), alcohol would always win. It’s tough, tricky, numbs the senses and then BAM! it has a mean right hook that can knock out the best of us. But in this fight, the fight for weight loss after pregnancy? The namby pamby, hippy that is homemade juice wins every time! And actually we’re not really just talking about the calories in alcohol, we’re also talking about mood (remember the baby blues?), motivation, sleep, memory, anxiety, etc. etc. all of which plays a massive role in weight loss after pregnancy because I have found that it is my mind that controls whether I lose weight or not. Which leads nicely on to…
  4. I like it strict – Unless I am told DO THIS, DO NOT DO THIS, I really struggle to stick to things. In fact for the first 3 – 4 weeks I barely lost any weight. Maybe a kilo. I was being good! But calorie counting doesn’t work for me, there’s too much leeway and I’m sure I always had more calories than I actually thought I was having. So the weight didn’t start to come off until I actually started juicing and stopped drinking (I only did it strictly for 2 weeks but I have massively reduced the amount I do drink now).
  5. I have never worked hard before – you know when you go to the gym and you think you’ve worked hard? Well, that was just tinkering around the edges. Dan has completely opened my eyes to what actually working hard feels like. And, it’s…well…hard!! But I can really tell the difference in my arms, legs (even though they’re still massive and will be the last place I lose weight, the shape is much better!) and especially my mummy tummy…I can actually do the plank for a full minute now!
  6. Dan is will power itself – you think you’re working hard to lose weight, just take a look back at Dan’s Fit before 40 challenge. That is will power!

I will always be eternally grateful to all the staff at Sound Mind and Body for being so welcoming and especially to Dan for all the time, effort and pep-talks he gave me, I’ve learnt so much thank you, Dan!

So, I’m not sure where I go from here (maybe I now follow Dan’s Fit before 40 – but make it fit before the next baby – challenge!) but I guess I’ll do it “myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…….. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay”! See what  I did there?! I’m wasted on you lot.

* Remember I use Jodie Marsh as the utopian look because I like the fit, muscly look (you can see more of my Thinspiration on this pinterest board) and she’s the most famous muscle bound lady I know…however, I don’t really want to look exactly like that, just a fit mum version, and I would also never condone extreme dieting, which is what she does to achieve her physic. Healthy eating aaaaaall the way!


I shall sign out with some entirely unrelated photos from yesterday’s Father’s Day in Alnwick Gardens…! I hope you and your baby daddy had a really lovely day xxx

weight loss after pregnancy

I love my Daddy!

weight loss after pregnancy

Remember how Reuben used to smile in all my photos? Now he does this and I don’t know where he’s got it from…

weight loss after pregnancyOh yeah.

weight loss after pregnancy Gabby is thrilled to be in this family portrait!

weight loss after pregnancy

Ha! And again. Happy Father’s Day Mike! xx