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if you’re anything like me, you find it difficult to even find time to have a wash, there’s always something more pressing. Here I’m hoping to encourage myself and you to put yourself first a bit more!

22 Jul, 2014

For the next 3 weeks I will be hosting my favourite linky #AllAboutYou for the vivacious and wonderful Zaz from Mama and More. This is a linky party for bloggers to link up their posts which are just about them; their hopes, dreams, passions, views and reflections. My favourite type of reading is inspirational and about self-improvement, which is why I love this linky because so many of the posts are reflective, optimistic and down-right useful for my own reflections! I like to think of the AllAboutYou community as always striving to live life in the front row…

live in the front row! All About You

Image courtesy of Dump a Day

That photo is hilarious and totally reminds me of my Grandma – we would often laugh until we cried! She was a sandwich short of a picnic, but she was such good company and she definitely chose to live life in the front row. What will you do today to chose the front row?!

AllAboutYou – taking part

So, what have you been up to this week? What are you loving/hating/thinking/doing/making/wearing? We love reading about your passions, your thoughts, your views, your style, your projects, anything about you in fact.

From last week’s AllAboutYou there were so many great articles and if you missed them, I’d recommend heading over for a good read through. Ones that particularly stood out for me were…

Bod for Tea’s The roles of a mother, which really made me smile. We really are all Super Mums and Dads!

I also loved Honest Mum’s “Am I normal?” post; the bit about her husband not shouting until he met her totally cracked me up. No love, you’re not normal and thank God!

In Mama’s Wardrobe has done a wonderful round up of the best summer clothes the Supermarkets have to offer and it was a total revelation – there’s so many lovely things at bargain prices. I know where I’ll be stocking up for our Summer Holiday!

You can link up to 3 posts, and ideally please visit a couple of other linkers too to share some comment love.

Mama and More

If it’s your passion, we want you to link up a post about it.

Party rules –

  1. Please link posts specific to the theme of this party – this is your space to link up posts all about YOU, whether it’s style, fitness, food, concerts or sky-diving!  You can link up to 3 posts.
  2. Please link the URL of your specific AllAboutYou post, and please feature the badge or mention the linky, because it’s a nice thing to do!  We tweet out and comment on every linked post that does!
  3. Please comment on at least two other posts within the AllAboutYou link party – don’t just link-dump!

Feel free to tweet or share about the link party so that more people come along and join too, although this is by no means obligatory!

In short, you link and we’ll pin it.  But the community bit is up to all of us – so do spread some comment love!

All About You community links:

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