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if you’re anything like me, you find it difficult to even find time to have a wash, there’s always something more pressing. Here I’m hoping to encourage myself and you to put yourself first a bit more!

The key to reaching your goal?

29 Jun, 2015

On Wednesday, 1st August at 8pm it’ll be the 2nd Mums’ Days Fit Club Facebook Party! I’ll be hosting the party over on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page to see how you’ve been getting on with your goals for health and fitness. It’ll be about accountability, support and just a bit of a chin wag really!

Accountability? Are you reaching your goals? Find out how to and join the next Mums' Days Fit Club Facebook Party

I hope you can come! I will also be giving away another load of gorgeous Protest sets for all those who click “Going” on the facebook event page. If you’d like a refresher of what everyone’s goals were at the last party, click here to see the conversations.

The Power of Accountability

Each week as I’m preparing for the next Mums’ Days Fit Club post, relevant research has sort of come to me as I’m reading books and listening to podcasts… We’ve covered Goal Setting and Getting Started, What to Eat to Feel Great, 15 Minute Full Body Workout Blast and Motivation.

This week I’ve been hearing loads about Accountability and how important it is for reaching your goals, be they work related, health, fitness or anything else. So I’ve taken it as a sign to take action! (more…)

22 Jun, 2015

This week’s Mums’ Days Fit Club is all about motivation. At the launch party and during my research for this series, many many of you said how you really struggle with Motivation. Fitness motivation, motivation to eat well, etc. etc. and you wanted to know how I motivated myself to get out of bed at 5:30am 3 times a week for 6 weeks!

So I’m going to tell you two quick (ish) ways to get motivated today.

Motivation - how to get it and keep it! Mums' Days Fit Club

Mums' Days Fit Club

15 Jun, 2015

Welcome back to this week’s Mums’ Days Fit Club and have I got a treat for you! A 15 minute full body workout, devised by top Geordie Personal Trainer, Stephen Pape!! Oh, and you don’t need any equipment, so you can do it at home (we’re removing any excuses you may have!).

Full Body Workout in 15 minutes!

Before I get to that, if you’re new here and you have no idea what the Mums’ Days Fit Club is, you might like to check out week 1: Goal Setting and Getting Started, week 2: What to eat to feel great, and finally here’s a little video explaining the motivation behind the project!

08 Jun, 2015

Welcome to the second installment of the Mums’  Days Fit Club and this week we are talking about FOOD!

Before we get on to that, I’d like to thank everyone who made last week’s launch week so special. I was blown away by the launch party over on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page. It was literally like a party! Loads of buzz and motivation flying all over, not to mention wonderful prizes from Protest! So, thank you!!

And if you missed it, don’t worry there will be more. The next party will be on 1st July, click here to make sure you don’t miss it!

On to food

I really love food. Like really, really. This post is all about what to eat to feel great and start to lose weight but not your sanity.

It includes a sample meal plan and ways to jazz up your food, some guidelines for portion control, and a list of healthy snacks!

Food - get the skinny on what to eat to feel great (and lose weight)! Click through for a Sample meal plan, guide on portion sizing and healthy snack ideas! (more…)

Mums' Days Fit Club

01 Jun, 2015

Welcome to the first installment of the Mums’ Days Fit Club where I’ll be talk all about goal setting and getting started!

To celebrate the launch and help some of you get started, Protest are giving away prizes! You could win a full workout outfit (worth £95) or 1 of 2 runner up prizes – See the bottom of the post for full details.

Goal Setting and Getting Started - Launch for the Mums' Days Fit Club! (more…)

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