Dear Diary, I want to get back into blogging!!! I’ve been saying it for a year now and I’m still not into the rhythm. Thanks to Box Happy (and my lovely business partner, Emily, for keeping me accountable!), I have got back into the habit of using instagram and Facebook daily. And crucially…enjoying it!

I’ve been sharing little snippets of our day-to-day lives on Instagram stories (which automatically go to Facebook) and love doing that.  So the next step now is to get back on here.

I’ve been chatting with Katy from What Katy Said (she has a rather marvellous competition on here at the mo too!). She’s been a long suffering (we even had a blog together at one point!!) but very complimentary blogging friend for years. She’s been encouraging me to get back on the horse, blog daily (!!) and warm up my old Facebook community, which I used to love so much.

I still have a house full of builders, a new business to run, oh and did I mention I have newborn (less than 3 months is still new right?)? While I’m not going to put pressure on myself to produce something world-changing everyday (just every few!), the practise of writing daily is a good one for me. I enjoy it and it stops becoming a chore… in theory. (You can read about my thoughts on blogging daily here, I did it throughout 2014 – a million years ago in internet terms!)

I’m saying it out loud here too because the other thing I enjoy (read: require in order to get ANYTHING DONE) is accountability. I tell you, you don’t need to read it everyday but just knowing that you might is enough for me to make sure I don’t miss a day. So, er, see you tomorrow!

Dear Diary

Here’s a few snaps from the weekend…

dear diaryA light spot of reading – educating me on the merits of one Pokemon over another…

Dear Diary

Mike was out for the weekend so it was up to us to walk the dog. In the snow. With a baby!

Dear Diary


Dear Diary

Could be a worse place to do it!

Dear DiaryThen it was back for hot choc, a warm fire, a spot of paddington… and this is a pack of things I want to send to Gabby as she’s in France with school for a term. I didn’t get chance to actually do it though. Today. There’s always today!!