I decided yesterday it was finally time to get started on streamlining my wardrobe (point c in mission) as I’d been putting it off (due to the scale of the task) and beginning to moan to Mike ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’. After he got cross with me, he instructed me to throw loads of things out (‘you know all the things you brought here 2 years ago and I’ve never seen you wear’) and go buy some new clothes that I will wear. I had a sulk and then realised this is music to my ears!

I got started and soon realised that this was going to be an all day job – most of my stuff was, well, stuffed into my ‘wardrobe’, which is more a falling to bits ikea rack. But I also have boxes with sports clothes (including a 9 year old argentina sweater that I might wear?), holiday clothes (with things I haven’t worn since I was 21, 9 stone and living in Singapore), and clothes which were on a 6 month warning about a year ago. So I set about trying everything on to sort into ‘wear now’, ‘mend then wear’, ‘put away until after baby weight has been lost’, and ‘charity shop’. The result is a much neater rack that isn’t caving under the weight of forgotten clothes.

At about 2 I was starving so I went down stairs to make lunch and decided to put on SuperScrimpers. Well, that totally put the spanner in the works for my shopping spree! It made me realise that I do have some nice clothes – loads I had assumed I couldn’t fit into, some that would survive as maternity clothes, and others I had just forgotten about. So my job for the rest of the day (and I’m still not quite finished now) was to find the clothes I like and see what I can wear them with, here’s a little taster (I couldn’t be bothered to take photos of everything, so it’s not the greatest selection of phone photos!).

  1. This is a top I probably bought about 8 years ago from New Look. I had to seriously squeeze my boobs into it (there’s no side zip) but once on it felt very flattering over my tummy, so it can stick around for a while.
  2. Aww… my 2011 summer of love dress – I got this from Next for our honeymoon and loved it so much. If I can still fit it when the sun’s back out I will be so happy. It’s even got a little racing back.
  3. Shoulder pads! This is a jumper I got from topshop when we first started the business because it was sailor-y (the company was called Sailor Girl Ltd) – it got discarded to the back of a draw I think because one of the buttons was loose. So lazy. Look how cute the back is.
  4. This is a top Alex gave me a wee while back when she was doing something similar with her wardrobe. I thought it was a bit too boobalicious but if I move the buttons (which currently sit directly over my nipples, most embarrassing) down onto the stripy bit, I think it’ll be a nice little top to knock around in. The jeans by the way, are a god send – size 10 (!) and stretchy from topshop. I have 3 pairs in different colours and I think they will fit for quite some time.

So… no shopping spree. Aside from my very sorry looking underwear draw (see below), I have clothes. I just need to remember what I’ve got and wear some of them. What an idea!

Sorry Underwear: The before shot is after I already emptied it of about 10 bras, now even the leftovers don’t fit. In the after picture you’ll see one lonely white, non-wired bra that is insanely itchy and some pants. I am going to get measured and this is at least something I can have a spree on!