A little a while ago – well, when I suddenly realised that it was getting cold and Reuben’s silly little blanket wasn’t going to keep him warm, especially when he refused to wear said blanket – I realised we needed a footmuff.

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff review

You know and I know I’m going to kick this off, right? – so shall we just get rid of it now, before it gets dirty and you have to wash it?

As ever the Mum’s Days Likers on Facebook came up with a host of footmuff recommendations, including one from The Soother Company. The Soother Company are a new order online company that specialise in super cute, personalised soothers (you may remember this festive soother facebook giveaway we ran together before Christmas!) but they also stock a huge array of other baby goodies. I had a look at their footmuff selection and they looked lovely, so I asked if they would like us to review one.

I chatted with Aoife for a little while about which one might suit us and our buggy best and she suggested we try out Le Sac Igloo 500 by 7A.M. Enfant (£78.20 for the small 0-6months or £90.95 for the large). If it’s good enough for Jessica Alba, I guess it’s good enough for us. So, naturally, I bit her hand off.

Le Sac Igloo 500 – Footmuff review

The footmuff arrived and I could hardly believe the luxury. It is soft and padded and ummmm. Over the next few days I was desperate to get out to try it but on the Wednesday and Thursday the weather tried its best to rain on our parade. We had a couple of failed attempts to get out and about with our new snazzy footmuff (I say our because I want it to be mine but it’s too small. I tried), both times I got Reubs all set up and ready to go to the park when it started raining.

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff review

Hooray! New Footmuff!

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff review

Urgh! Rain.

I know I could have gone out in the rain, but it’s not my favourite thing and it wouldn’t have made for brilliant photos of the footmuff if it was under a great big rain cover! So we went and bought some new shoes instead.

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff review

Snug as a bug, watching with utter fascination while a little girl tries on some new shoes

I was really pleased to have the footmuff by this point because Reuben had spent the day refusing to wear his shoes – my clue he need new ones! – and I left his proper coat at the childminders so I just stuffed him, shoeless, into his buggy as a prevailing gale nearly blew me over, no joke, and he was snug as a bug. Jealous!

The next day we went for an outing to meet my old buddy and flatmate, Dan, who I was living with when I met Mike.We decided to meet at our old haunt, The Butterfly Cabinet, for the world’s biggest breakfast, and then took Reubs for a little walk in Heaton Park, right across the road from where we used to live!

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff review

Dan with the cosiest child in Newcastle

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff review

Reuben not really getting our excitement to be back in Heaton Park. He’s probably seen a bus

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff review

Trying the hood for size 

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff reviewI thought I ought to put his hat on though so I snuck it on as he was watching a dog!

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff review“Woo-woo” (woof woof to you and I) 

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff reviewTrudging back up the hill but baby was kept protected from the wind

All in all, I really like it! I like the way it looks, it feels divine and I’m a sucker for a fur trim! But if you want more detail, don’t worry! I’ve got it for you here…

Le Sac Igloo 500 – Footmuff Details

For those of you who like the details (not me, but I know you are out there!)…I’ve taken a bunch of photos to demonstrate the features of the Le Sac Igloo 500 footmuff.


The overall material is one which ‘repels water and oil based spills’. It’s got a larger front pocket for tissues, dummies, money to leave in and forget about, keys, phones, that sort of sized things, and a smaller ‘cargo pocket’. I don’t really know what that means but it’s a smaller pocket with a zip so potentially more secure for leaving and forgetting about money in.

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details


Do you know what I don’t like about baby sleeping bags? That there isn’t a double zip so on those warmer nights you can undo it a bit.

There’s no worry of that here as there are more zips than you can shake a stick at – 4 in total, one each side and 2 at the bottom, so you can open the footmuff in all the ways your little heart desires! Say you lose a sock? Don’t worry. Just open the bottom flap and no one gets cold or bothered when they were in the comfy spot! Same goes for crumbs, dummies, and whatever else you might lose in there!

This is the kind of attention to detail that makes me happy.

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details


The front and the back completely detach – you might think now, ‘what’s the point in that?’ but all of a sudden it’s spring and you’ll be like, ‘Uh! That is so useful!’

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details

Front section

The front section is designed to work as a separate cover for a car seat or as a single panel buggy cover.  That fleecy bit, in the picture above with the elastic and toggle, allows you fit the cover over the bottom of your buggy. It wasn’t until I read the instructions a bit closer that I realised this and went to try it on our buggy – it doesn’t work but if you have something like a Quinny or Bugaboo, I think it would work like a dream. The fleece lining is also detachable should you think it’s making babe too snug. Or if you just want to wash that bit!

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details

Back Section

The footmuff has openings for a 5 point harness, with 2 options for where the bottom buckle might go. It’s got lots of velcro so you don’t need to worry about detaching straps from each other. The bottom panel is waterproof so water from wet shoes can collect down there without the rest of the footmuff getting wet. Also the hood has a zip so you can open it out if you don’t want it and, god forbid, you can detach the fur too. Can’t imagine why they made that a feature!

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details

Back section – non-slip

The back section is also fitted with non-slip nobbles to prevent the footmuff sliding down, and straps that help to keep the footmuff upright.

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details


Our buggy

We’ve got a Petite Star. I’m not overly thrilled with it but it is lightweight, compact and super easy to put down/up and Reubs has grown into it – to begin with he just slouched in it – hence why I didn’t replace it. So, this is what we are working with (don’t mind Mike’s feet)…

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details

Pimp my ride

How much better does that look?!

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details

Strapping the footmuff in

You basically just plonk it in, pull through the harness and then make sure you use the velcro straps, that I mentioned when looking at the back section, to keep the footmuff in place…

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details

…and you can hardly even notice them from the outside!

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details

Snug seat

Once the footmuff is in, you can play about with the harness and the footmuff to make it really snug into the seat, but basically it doesn’t take much doing. The whole process took me less than 2 minutes.

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details

Catwalk Twirl

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details

Side 1

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details

Side 2

Super Snuggly

For when it’s really cold and rainy – hood up and over, and zips right up to the top. I know, I want to get in there too.

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details

No fluff on your muff

If you are that way inclined, it looks like this:

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details

Completely Hoodless

Or you can unzip the hood and completely tuck it away. This shot also demonstrates how you can unzip the footmuff from the left should you wish to (you can also do it from the right) – I don’t need to to get Reubs in and out but as he gets bigger I can imagine we will.

Le Sac Igloo 500 - Footmuff Details

SO there you have it – Le Sac Igloo 500 in all its glory! Thank you so much to The Soother Company for sending me this lovely footmuff, we are really pleased with it.

Please note: For the purpose of this review I was sent the footmuff for free but I would have been more than happy if I had paid for it, I think it’s a steal for that price as it really does feel so luxurious and there has been such a lot of thought in the details that make it really versatile. Something I never thought I needed nor cared for in a footmuff, but now I’ve seen the light!

Do you have Le Sac Igloo 500 footmuff? What do you think of it?