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It’s AllAboutYou time again and i’ve been thinking about happiness. I came across a wonderful pineterst board the other day by one of my most favourite pinners, Meg Fitzpatric, called, Board of Happiness…I highly recommend a look, it’s full of lovely ideas!

I’d say I’m pretty happy at the moment, lots of time on the beach with my family and being really busy with my blog but it’s a bit of a juggling act! I think I feel happier of late because I’ve actually made myself a timetable! I’m a proper scatter brain and I’ve learnt that I love being told what to do so now I know what I’m meant to be doing when and seeing it all laid out like that means I can check everyone or thing (like those pesky dishes!) is being catered for!

What I don’t think I spend enough time doing though is thinking about what really makes me happy and making sure I do it. It’s so easy to get stuck in the day-to-day that you forget the end game but if you don’t work on that every day, you’ll never reach your goal! For example, I never make time for reading a good book. Not a book that will ‘improve’ me in someway, I mean a good old fashioned novel that I read for the sheer pleasure of it. I’ve got a whole reading list still to get through by the end of the year!

So, I can’t wait for our holiday in just over 2 weeks time – we have the best part of 2 weeks away and I plan to completely (almost) unplug, be with my family, recharge, read a few page turners, and write… not because I have to but because I want to…I recon that could make me very happy!

What plans have you got over the summer that will make you happy?

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I really enjoyed hosting last weeks AllAboutYou! There were so many (emphasis on the many!) great articles and apologies for taking so long to get around you all!

I thought Angie’s post over on Reasons to Dress was hilarious but has also inspired me to try and be a bit more ‘put together’ when I’m heading out the door, even if it isn’t to the airport!

This is the coolest city review and now I REALLY want to go to Marseille (but maybe with The Real McQ so I don’t get lost!).

While Mama in heels was considering if summer was her new favourite season I was busy enjoying my new favourite dress – I just love this outfit!

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