It’s Summertime! Pass me the Processco…oh yes, sorry, wrong post. This post is a Mums’ Days Fit Club post so it’s all about healthy drinks to enjoy in the sun without your goals going to pot!

Smoothie Recipes and Healthy Drinks for the summer!

Now before you think I’m getting all high and mighty on yo’ ass, my biggest vice in life is coffee with cream and anything bubbly (preferably with alcohol in it), so this is as much a list of ideas for me as it might be for you. But I hope you can take some inspiration from it and from knowing I struggle with not drinking my calories, especially when the sun is out and Barbie is on. So here are some alternatives that do work, I promise!

Healthy Drinks – Water

We may as well start in the most obvious place – water is apparently really good for you! From improving your skin to keeping you regular, drinking lots of fresh water is a must. Around 2 ltr a day is recommended and has the added benefit of preventing you from eating more than you need. Often we might feel hungry when actually we’re thirsty! So sup up.

Water can be bit dull though, so here’s a few ways to sex it up…

Ice Lime Cubes

When I was staying with my Brother in Japan, I discovered he did a genius thing to pep up his water (and, I’m not going to lie, we also used this in G&Ts) – he froze his limes!

Smoothie Recipes and Healthy Drinks for the summer - Iced Limes!

So while he was at work, I would get myself a huge jug of water with frozen limes and get to work myself!

Smoothie Recipes and Healthy Drinks for the summer - Iced Limes for delicious water!

Ice Green Tea

I really like Green Tea, a great appetite suppressant, but in the summer you just don’t want to drink hot tea!

My first experience of iced green tea was probably among the worst of my life. Again about 10 years ago I was in Japan visiting my brother. We had been walking for ages in the heat of the day and were soooo thirsty. We had about 100 yen between us, enough for a bottle of water or coke, so Josh insisted we get a bottle of Green Tea from the vending machine, saying how refreshing and healthy it was. I have never been more disappointed. It was minging and I could have cried because I was so thirsty!!

I realise I’m not selling this to you…but the good news is I have found a way to enjoy an ice green tea! Without adding loads of sweeteners, this can still be a refreshing drink that tastes delicious.

Smoothie Recipes and Healthy Drinks for the summer! - Iced Green Tea with Red Currants

  • Pukka Clean Green – it has a lovely subtle flavour with added lemon. Pour hot (boiled but let it cool a bit) water over two tea bags in a jug, leave to cool then pop in the fridge until you need it. I often do this at night so it’s ready for the next day and it’s delicious just on it’s own.
  • Green tea with lemon – do exactly the same as before but with ordinary green tea, bags or loose is fine, add some slices of lemon (I’d say half a lemon). Leave to steep but remove the tea bags before you pop it in the fridge as some green tea can become quite bitter.
  • Green tea with ginger and mint – again pour hot but not boiling water over the tea bags with a small bunch of mint and thin slices of ginger (about an inch). Leave to cool then pop in the fringe. Remove the tea bags, mint and ginger before serving and you can add some fresh springs of mint to impress your guests!

Healthy Drinks – Smoothie Recipes

The beauty of smoothie recipes is that if you make just a little bit more, you’ve got enough for ice lollies too!

Smoothie with a Juicer

My favourite smoothie recipes involve a bit of juicing too as I prefer my smoothies, well, smooth. So, if you have juicer, I’d highly recommend giving this smoothie recipe a go.

Smoothie Recipes and Healthy Drinks for the summer!

Juice everything except the avocado. Then add the avocado and with a stick blender or liquidiser, blend until smooth.

Enjoy over ice or pour into lolly moulds and pop in the freezer for later!

Smoothie Recipes and Healthy Drinks for the summer! Smoothie recipes are also great for ice lollies

Smoothies without a Juicer

I blew up our blender trying to make banana ice cream so at the moment we just have a stick blender (I’ve literally just ordered a Nutribullet as I hear they are amazing for blitzing up everything and taking no time to clean), which is OK for the things we need it for, such as making these smoothies recipes or pancakes.

My personal (lazy) rule with smoothie recipes when you don’t have a juicer is to keep it fairly simple, e.g. Pear and lettuce or Banana and Avocado, and add liquid. I like to add one of the following:

  • Filtered water
  • Almond Milk
  • Coconut milk

These are also great as ice lollies with extra chunks of fruit thrown it. Here we are having a ‘breakfast smoothie’ ice lolly with added Strawberry and Reuben has added blueberries!

Smoothie Recipes and Healthy Drinks for the summer! Smoothie recipes are also great for ice lollies

What about the booze?

Well, this is a work in progress and I don’t really have loads of suggestions for that! Fizzy water has always been a bit of saviour to me though; fizzy water with any kind of fruit in a wine glass…wine it is not, but it’s still bubbly and fun. I enjoyed a glass of lemon and soda the other evening to celebrate the garden being finally finished!

Smoothie Recipes and Healthy Drinks for the summer!

What are your healthy drinks suggestions?

I’d love to hear about them or better yet, send me a picture via Facebook or Twitter #MDFitClub!

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