Right y’all have I got a bib for you! I know you’re probably thinking: “Bib? What’s so exciting about that?” But this Jake Giraffe Bib from Piccolo Bambino is awesome!

I like to think I’m becoming a bit of a bib connoisseur. We have a selection of bibs for all occasions ranging from the ‘smart’ dribble catcher for refined eating (see Do babies do afternoon tea?) to the full on ‘we’re eating spag bol with our fingers’ body suit or if I’m in the mood, this is also known as being naked. And sometimes we even just free-style it without a bib at all. Chancers that we are.


Reuben sporting the ‘smart’ bib for a birthday party


Bib free styling – just eatin’ me strawbs

So when Emily of Piccolo Bambino asked me to test drive her latest ‘funky’ bib range by Bibisili I was as excited as a wine taster with an untried bottle of plonk – A crumb catcher! This was new territory and I wasn’t even sure we had room or a need for such a bib so we were ready to test it to the max. I’ve even enlisted help from Grandparents and friends! Extreme bib testing.


So thrilled with my delivery I had to instagram it!

The bib itself – Monsieur Jake Giraffe (I’m assuming he’s French, all giraffes are) – comes in loads of different designs to suit your little eater, and I have to say it looks really cool. So from a purely materialist point of view, this is the good stuff. The second thing that struck me though was it was really flat and wobbly so I wasn’t sure how good it would be at it’s primary function… Was this style over substance?!

But what did appeal to me immediately now I’ve been Jessica Alba-ed, was the fact it is made from totally non-toxic silicon and is 100% harmless for baby-boo.


That is a nice-looking bib – I’m happy with this ensemble.

Bib testing 1 – The toasted wrap


The wrap pre-toasting

If you’ve been on facebook recently you’ll know I’m having a bit of a ‘mare getting Reubles to eat. He totally went off food for a good couple of weeks, except yogurt, ice cream, general crap. So I’ve been trying all sorts, including some of these wonderful suggestions on the Mum’s Days facebook page (thank you guys, I love you all! xx).

The toasted wrap was one of my attempts to get him eating, and to be fair, he didn’t do too bad a job with it and neither did the bib!


Yes, she burnt the wrap and tried to disguise it, and the jury’s still out as to whether it’s yummy

After a little bit of umm-ing and ahh-ing I worked out how to do up the bib – you push this bit through that hole (there’s 3 options depending upon the thickness of your baby’s neck – I think the largest option would fit me!) and then through this hole to secure. That’ll make perfect sense when you get yours! The straps are rather thin but it doesn’t seem to bother him in the slightest. He does occasionally tug at it when he’s finished his dinner – that, along with chucking his food on the floor, is the signal for “DOW” (meaning down) – but it does no harm.

Once it was in situ, that’s when the bib came into its own and I started to realise the true beauty of THE FLAP. And what a flap that is! I needn’t have worried about the flatness – the flap fills the space between baby and table like a glove thanks to the aforementioned wobbly material.


Check out the flap on that


Ooooh goodies! Reubles getting acquainted with the joys of a crumb catcher flap (please note: this is the kind of food mess that freaks me out – water mixed with wrap and contents…urgh)


I know what to do with that – put it on my cup and eat it off there (he cracks me up!)

So far so good – but aside from a bit of water mixed with a wrap (blurgh), it wasn’t really that challenging, let’s face it. Bring on round 2…

Bib testing 2 – Self-feeding yogurt FOR THE FIRST TIME!

You heard me – we were going to see if this little bit of a rubbery bib flap could handle first time self-feeding of yogurt! I’ve been holding off doing this (what with the mess) but after Reubs turned 1 he kind of insisted on feeding himself so I didn’t have a choice…


Self-feeding yogurt – with a spoon


Getting the fingers involved

I’ve got a little bit of aMAzing footage to demonstrate the feeding – yes, he’s not great at getting stuff on the spoon but he was definitely feeding himself and there was definitely potential for the dreaded food mess (don’t mind me and my mum chatting away in the background, also I stupidly filmed it in portrait – amateur’s error).

But this time, incredibly, the bib still held its own…


Hurray for Monsieur Giraffe!

I then tried to get evidence of his yogurt free clothing but this little toe-rag won’t sit still once he’s done.


Contorting himself out of his straps…


Success! Little *bleep*

So, Jake Giraffe – 2, Hannah – 0. But really Reuben isn’t that messy when he eats. I don’t know if it’s been my cautious weaning process or he’s just starving by the time he sits down, but he’s really quite a good aim when it comes to food. It either goes in his mouth or on the floor. So, since some of you might have a more, errrr, playful eater, it was time to bring out the big guns. Baby Beau!

Bib testing 3 – Extreme Bib testing

Beau. Lovely Beau, with all his luscious hair and scrummy smiles, is what I would affectionately call a messy eater. So, I asked his mum, my mate Emily, if she wouldn’t mind road-testing the bib too. When I asked how she was getting on with it she said “actually, I love it,” suggesting she thought she wouldn’t!

In order to make sure I got photos ready for this post today (just kidding, Em, I wanted to see you really!), I invited them round to have experimental chicken dippers in our newly re-found Breakfast Kitchen (don’t mind the mess – I’m yet to sort out the recently put up kitchen shelves and that’s damp on the wall – keeping it real, man).


Extreme bib testing

So the chicken dippers were pretty minging, far too much flour that I should have shaken off, hence the tomato ketchup but the boys lapped them up. Beau particularly liked them and it was also a success with introducing Reubs to non-ground up chicken! Unfortunately for Em and I, I forgot to think about lunch for us so, yes, we are having a bowl full of sweet corn and peas (secretly we LOVED this! and with pleanty of tommy-k we scoffed the remaining chicken dippers too).


Extreme bib testing – it’s already doing its job, Beau!

Again, cleanish food. So we did the yogurt test.


This bib ain’t no match for me!

I believe after this moment, if memory serves me correctly, there may have been more mess than the bib could handle. Again this was Beau’s first time at really feeding himself yogurt and there was a situation to do with fingers in yogurt which were then put on trousers… You’ve got to be quick with this fella! But as Emily said she loved it so we’ll call that one a draw. Haha!

Finally, I also asked the Grandparents to use it and got the resounding and unequivocal sign of a thumbs up: “it’s canny, isn’t it?”

You can’t argue with that.

Jake Giraffe – a canny bib