It’s been a few weeks since I last did My List (my replacement for THE List, which I used to host with the effable Aby from You Baby Me Mummy) but I love to have a little weekly reflection, not least to remind myself what I’ve done each week. It’s easy to just think you’ve done absolutely nothing otherwise! So, here’s what we’ve been up to…

Real Life 

My list 2 - bird in the house

Our cats are killers and keep bringing adorable creatures into the house. This was a lucky one.

My list 2 - beetroot carpaccio

Health is the name of the game at the moment – so Deliciously Ella’s Beetroot Carpaccio has been happening. I can’t say I LOVE it but it is OK!

I also got a spiralizer whilst looking for new pans in Lakeland. We’ve been having some fun with it and I can tell you bolognaise with beetroot spaghetti is delicious. We have a lot of beetroot in our veg box at the moment.

Blog Life

I gave a small workshop this week to 3 of my mates who have or are just about to start up blogging. It was so fun! I also did a little presentation and used this online tool called Emaze to make it. Looked so slick! I was less slick, but I certainly enjoyed it.

My list 2 - on ITV news

We were also on the local news this week for finishing the Castle Challenge. Hurrah!

And finally, next week, thanks to Aby again, I will be joining her and Bridgestone Tyres in Monaco for most of the week. I literally CAN’T WAIT!!


We watched Russell Brand’s The Emperor’s New Clothes, which was brilliant and horrifying in equal measures.

I also read a couple of great books that Mike gave me for Christmas:

  1. “It’s Not How Good You Are, it’s How Good You Want to be.” From advertising extraordinaire, Paul Arden, it’s a classic that I have read before but this baby is a real mood booster. Ace January reading!
  2. “Read This if you Want to Take Great Photographs” By Henry Carroll. I got a fancy new camera for Christmas too and so this not only teaches how to use your camera but also what to take to make great photos. Looking forward to playing around this year. Especially in Monaco next week!!

What have you been up to this week?

I’d love to hear your list – either comment below or come and join the convo over on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page!

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