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The start of the holidays has gone in a flash – and it mainly involved castles! There’s a whole bunch of them right on the North boarder with Scotland (as you’d imagine), so we hired a cottage with an amazing view up in Jedburgh, just the other side of the boarder and blitzed them! 6 in 4 days! The rest of the week has been a blur. Lovely but…we’re attempting potty training. Need I say more?

The List 46


Ignore Everybody - the List 46

Reuben’s been keeping me on my toes so I’ve not had as much time to read or listen to podcasts. I would, however, highly recommend “Ignore Everybody”. It is hilarious as the guy draws really funny cartoons – you will recognise both yourself and others in them – but also a fascinating look at creativity and turning your hobby into your job (i.e. don’t!). It’s a refreshing change, cynical in places and certainly got me questioning this blogging lark…!

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What have you been thinking, doing and listing this week! My cohost, Aby from You Baby Me Mummy, and I would love you to link up and join in the chatter with this brilliant group of creative and friendly bloggers over on twitter using the hashtag #TheList!

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This week I’m linking Abs Work and Natural Ways to Induce Labour and Aby is linking How to write 17 fabulous blog posts a week and 5 things to achieve before the end of the year. What will you link up?!

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