I am conscious that it’s getting on for the middle of February and I’m now 14 weeks pregnant. It’s nearly a month since I wrote my mission and time to revisit it to see how I’m getting on (before I start pretending I never wrote it)…

My top priority was to concentrate on being healthy and happy. I think I’m doing pretty well on this (apart from chocolate gate at the weekend), which is probably due to the life of luxury and unemployment I’m currently enjoying.

  1. I’m exercising for at least 30 minutes about 5 or 6 days a week;
  2. I’m planning healthy meals most of the time to a) make sure we’re eating nutritious meals every night and I don’t go way over the number of calories I should be eating (still thinking about The Ultimate Issue) and b) save money (so nothing goes to waste in the fridge – queue the superscrimpers!); and
  3. I am doing something I like most days, although I’m so shit at actually sitting down to do the pampering things like paint my nails – I’ve been meaning to do my fingers for the past couple of nights but have ended up doing my blog late. And, my toe nails? I’m too ashamed to even talk about them.

I’m aware that when I get a new job (should be soon), that the above is going to get harder. 

My next priority was all about Money. And I have been crap at this!

  1. I haven’t read any more pages of that Paul McKenna book than when I wrote the post, so needless to say I did not finish the book by the end of January and I am not taking baths in money yet; and
  2. I think I’ve got a job, it’s the same one I thought I had when I wrote the post but it’s just talking a long time to sort out.

In the mean time, I’ve really been concentrating on my blog content, which is fair enough if people are going to want to read it. However, I know what I need to do (and I’m not doing) if I’m to start generating more traffic and, therefore, potentially also make a bit of pocket money through it, which would be nice! …so until I get this job, I  need to put some time aside for Paul, as I really do want to read it, and put a bit more effort into blog traffic – there, new mission!

Finally, my last priority was to streamline my life. This is going alright…

  1. The business is now closed, so apart from a few bits that are really out of my hands, I consider this streamed.
  2. The house declutter is not so successful. Bringing back half a full office hasn’t helped and although I have started my wardrobe, and was very pleased with the progress, there’s still piles of clothes knocking around. What I have done though is sewn up a few holes in clothes I’d stopped wearing due to the holes, and stopped myself from buying more clothes for the time being. I’ve also stopped the gas leak in the kitchen and sorted out for Brian our DIY fella to come and finish off a few odd jobs.

Mission now – carry on with the exercise and healthy eating, do my nails, read my money book, do more blog stuff and sort out the house. Easy!