Mum's Days has been shortlisted for the NE Blog Awards!!

What the what?! That’s right, I got one glorious email today from Gemma at OPR to inform me that Mums’ Days has been shortlisted for the parenting category of the North East Blogger Awards! I’m so happy. About a year ago I didn’t think there were any bloggers in the North East. What a dope. The talent here is incredible. From travel, to food, to business, to beauty, to fashion; the list goes on to the talent in this region! Which makes this shortlist all the more precious. Thank you to everyone who nominated me, it means such a lot xxx

My fellow shortlisters are two wonderful bloggers; Jen at Mum in the Mad House and Janine at Birth and Baby Company. So, despite the fact that I would love to win, I’m definitely practising my ‘gracious loser’ face because these ladies and their blogs are ace! The work they are doing through their blogs is creative and inspirational, and I’m happy to know them both personally!

The last time I met Jen, we chatted for ages…in fact, we were still talking after we’d said goodbye and she was travelling up the escalator! We totally clicked and I definitely owe her a visit. And, Janine taught me and my NCT buddies baby massage – she welcomed us into her cosy home for 6 weeks when the babies were tiny, helped up learn to relax our babies, then gave us tea and cake. It was heavenly and Janine will always have a special place in my heart!

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is these ladies are wonderful, and I’m so pleased to have been shortlisted with them. Now, bring on the party (although I’ll probably be sick with nerves!), which is towards the end of October, and wish me luck! xxx