Welcome to another Mums’ List (the 21st)! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week; I’ve been getting running this week in more ways than one which I’ll tell you about in a mo…

Last week’s Mums’ List was the busiest to date! Welcome to Katie from Pouting in Heels, who wrote a wonderful, touching and true list on her little girls Birthday of 50 things she has learnt about motherhood. Welcome also to Lauren from Blogger Mummy Lauren, who wrote her list of goals and to Being Mummy Green with her 1st Mums’ List!

Real Life

Mums' List 21 - Getting running http://mumsdays.com/mums-list-getting-running/

Wow, this week’s been a bit short on the old photo taking – too busy living and all that! A few exciting things happened though…

  1. We went to a Frozen themed kids party a local ‘gastro pub’, which is a genius idea; you could almost see the pound signs in their eyes! (As You Like It have girl and boy themed parties every Saturday and Sunday)
  2. I’ve signed up to do a 10K, and have been for 4 runs totalling around 6 miles (3 miles yesterday in the blistering heat nearly killed me!). Susan, you’d be proud of me!
  3. South Shields have music on in Bents park practically all summer – we saw 10CC with the original rockers (Mike’s Mum and Dad!) on Sunday.
  4. Reuben’s found a new place to watch telly…he’s testing my patience a little with his climbing. I told him 5 times not to climb on the kitchen table on Sunday and now he thinks it’s hilarious. New tact, get him down without saying anything.
  5. I had a really good planning session yesterday with my good friend Jenny. I’m terrible at prioritising and can go through a day feeling like I’ve not done anything. Jen’s lent me this really interesting book, which challenges the notion of you can be anything if you try hard enough…saying it’s far better and more enjoyable to work to your strengths. I can’t wait to get into it!!
  6. Under Jenny’s advice, I’ve also done myself a weekly timetable – it’s like being back at school! I’m a visual person so storing things in my head is a recipe for disaster but I’d never thought to do this. I already feel so much clearer and less muddled.

Blogging and Social

The biggest success of the week was when I shared this post on the Mums’ Days Facebook Wall, written by Beth from Betty and the Bumps about when to let your kids stay at someone else’s house. Word press even emailed Beth to tell her how well the post was doing! It was a touchy subject with the potential for fall outs but everyone just talked about what they do and there was no bitchyness. Thank god, I have no idea how to deal with conflict and the 2 times it has happened I’ve not dealt with it well.

I also hit a milestone!

2000 FB likes - Mums' List 21 - Getting running http://mumsdays.com/mums-list-getting-running/


People who are organised are my inspiration this week – I want to be in that gang! Maybe not to the Anthea Turner extent as shared on Mummy’s Blog…but just feeling a bit more sorted, together and like I’m progressing on my mission without forgetting my other duties!

How to grow a blog slowly got me thinking – particularly about this linky (I’m considering a slight rebrand to make it more useful to my readers!) and the ones I take part in (like making sure I can participate properly and not just link dump)…

I’m also inspired by my featured blogger Donna from Redhead Babyled, and her 2 home births…I want one!

Your Turn!

How has your week has gone? Please do link in your lists (or any other list posts you’ve written this week)!

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