Firstly, the prize for making me want to eat my computer goes to Grace from three boys and a cat. Serious. You won’t be disappointed. Secondly, I love Beth’s updated pinterest board full of beauty recommendations from her blog readers. And Thirdly, a very happy first birthday to Baby from You Baby Me Mummy! No wonder your mummy was busy that party looked immense! Finally, I was introduced to a Sloppy Joe (who I’d like to now know more intimately) and this Nursery Picture Tutorial is AWESOME! A good week.

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Real life

Funny old week! I HATE the clocks changing – Reuben still isn’t going to sleep before 8pm and my brain has left the building. Buggy left out in the rain, forgetting people were coming over (whilst simultaneously locking them out and keeping my phone on silent), forgetting to lock the door two nights in a row, etc. But I have been feeling better about my blog and I’ve done 2 things that I’ve been putting off for weeks.

1. I took Reuben swimming. He was a water baby right up to Christmas and then straight after he learnt to walk he had a total “wobble” (that is genuinely the technical term in swimming for what babes and toddlers go through and apparently they all pretty my do have a wobble at some stage). I don’t know if it was because there were Newcastle United players in the pool at the time (thankfully I’d just painted my toenails Wonga Blue) or what but, with a little coxing, he started to really enjoy it and even threw himself in at one point! Phew

2. I stepped foot back in the gym. I’ve been on a downer about exercise – my body isn’t changing so what’s the point?? – but I realise it’s stupid so I forced myself to go and I felt better for it!

In other news, Reuben can now get out of his sleeping bag, which I’m assuming means that soon, he will be able to climb out of his cot…?

Mums List 5

Other than that, I’m just a bit bored and missing Mike. I can’t wait to see him on Sunday, get a big kiss and a big glass of wine!

Blog and Social Media

It’s April! Hurrah! Which kind of requires a look back at the month’s stats.

The bad news: My overall hits on the blog were down by 4.5%


The good news: The quality of my readers (i.e. how long they stay, repeat visits, number of pages visited per person, etc) has increased. So I’m putting this down to one really good day in February skewing the results and actually everything’s heading in the right direction!

The other good news is that my Pinterest followers have increased from 555 (6th March) to 829 (3rd April). My aim in March was to grow my followers so I’m pretty please with that – the click through is still naff but it will come with time and perseverance I’m sure!

My goal for April is to start a Newsletter! I have a little box saying “Want regular updates to your inbox? What are you waiting for?!” >SUBSCRIBE<

I’d forgotten it was there! So, this month I am finally going to do something with that. Something good. So, it’ll totally be worth signing up for…! *crosses fingers*

Oh and Britmums published an article I wrote about my hero, Mike Wazowski (yeah, the one from Monster’s Inc) – ha!


  1. I found this article incredibly helpful. A friend of mine recently experienced this and I didn’t know what to say, so thank you to Grenglish for sharing xxx
  2. I want to watch these (and this comes directly from the inspiration behind Mums’ List!), and if you’ve not really seen many TED talks I suggest you do too! Inspiration alert.
  3. I did a bit of thinking about twitter (my least favourite platform that I use) but mainly found this article useful to help sort out some of the white noise! I am also aiming to post at least 10 tweets a day this month.

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