10 - Decluttering with Cath Hindle

I have got a very special episode for you today because I'm talking to one of my very best friends, Cath, who supported me every step of the way through my divorce.

We've known each other a very long time and luckily for me, Cath is a professional declutterer at Clear the Clutter!

Two years ago, mere months after leaving my ex, Cath spent a week helping me prepare our family home for sale. This week was the culmination of years of renovation, building work, having babies in the middle of it all... and the second the house was finished was when the estate agents arrived to take photos. I would never use this finished house!

My memory of this period is very patchy but I do remember leaning heavily on Cath to get through it! It was fascinating to hear Cath's take on this time and reminded me how lucky I was to have her.

Cath also shares her tips for decluttering after a heartbreak (whether divorce or death). I really hope you enjoy it.