17 - Danielle Barbereau - The Divorce Coach

This week I have an extra special treat for you because I am chatting with Danielle Barbereau, who is a Divorce Coach and author of the book, After the Split.

I first met Danielle a year ago after she was recommended to me by my mediation solicitor, and she supported me through some of the hardest bits of my divorce, namely battling it out in court!

My solicitor had said, “ask Danielle for a compatibility call” and within about a minute I knew I had to work with her. She was so reassuring and instantly made me feel hope during a particularly traumatic time which is such an amazing skill to have.

Danielle is offering a brand new course 'Emerge and Recover' which starts on 21st November and is a live run-through as she will also be doing weekly Q&A's to support over Christmas (a pretty dreaded time for the newly divorcing and heartbroken!).

For more information on "Emerge and Recover from a painful breakup" click here.