18 - Josie Baxter PT on Health, fitness and public heartbreak

Episode 18 is a double whammy because it's one I've been wanting to do for ages and it's something Mums' Days readers asked for in my recent survey.

I'm chatting with Josie Baxter who is my very good friend and personal trainer about health and fitness and how to fit exercise into our already jam packed lives.

We also discuss Josie's recent break up, how she got over it and the emotional strength she built from it.

Josie's upcoming retreats - https://www.jbptfitness.com/copy-of-1-2-1-coaching-in-person

More info on Josie and her services https://www.jbptfitness.com/

My Fitness Pal Nutrition Tracker https://www.myfitnesspal.com/