24 - Dry January

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2023. Today I'm talking about drinking and Dry January because I love not drinking.

You may be shocked to hear this because I'm so hilarious and wacky~~ but I don't drink. Over the years, not drinking has been the thing that people seem to ask me about the most so I thought I may as well share what I know. 

I've got some suggestions for things for you to read and a free journal with prompts that you can download at http://mumsdays.com/dryjan

Here's a link to I Feel Free by Cream in case my rendition wasn't accurate enough - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prnbF8Eagdg&ab_channel=Cream-Topic 

Here's my Sobriety Pinterest Board - https://www.pinterest.co.uk/mumsdays/sobriety/ 

Here's the book I'm talking about https://uk.bookshop.org/books/this-naked-mind/9780008293468