43 - Claire Venus on love and slow living

On this week's episode, I have been speaking to Claire Venus.

Claire is @Creatively.conscious on Instagram, which is how we first met. Then, as you do, you connect the dots and realise the friends in common. One of whom was podcast guest, Jambo (Episode 38 - Anxiety and finding your purpose)

Claire tells us how Jambo helped her to manifest the love of her life and then move on to discussing all the wonderful projects that Claire is working on. She has so many strings to her bow, and so much creativity, it's easy to see how she's created such a lucrative career on part time hours. 

Thankfully she explains how it's possible for us lot too and her rules for slower living.

We also go very deep towards the end. Claire kindly shares the fears she had for her husband when he was very ill and they had no idea if he would survive, and how she communicated what was going on with her young son. 

This is the first time we've ever chatted so it's a bit like you're joining us, just a couple of mums, for our first coffee get together. It's a long one and we actually carried the conversation on over voice notes for the rest of the day so I definitely think there's room for a part 2 from Claire!

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