50 - Transitions and Nesting

On this weeks podcast, I'm catching up with Katie about getting gazumped, transitioning, fight or flight mode, nesting, general sea chat, some dating updates and other bits of general chat.

Plus I'll be answering some listener questions about what to do with your surname after divorce. Here's my list of options including Haddock, of course.

  • Hagan - Japanese. Brave person, a fighter
  • Hertz - German. Loving person, one with a heart
  • Haddock - English. Prosperity or fortune
  • Hardi - English. Powerful and bold
  • Hudson - English. Mind or heart
  • Halop - halo or divine
  • Harding - bold and strong
  • Hardy - bold and courageous with a strong heart and mind
  • Harmon - warrior
  • Harvey - strength
  • Havart - to protect
  • Holliman - a priest
  • Hahn - proud