63 - Tackling Gambling Addiction with Cold Water Therapy with Craig Tampin

On this week's episode, I'm talking to Craig about his gambling addiction and how he's managing his recovery with cold water therapy and getting in the sea.

Craig has shared some amazing resources with us as well so if you're struggling with anything he mentions in the podcast, here are some places you can go for help.

Gamblers Anonymous

NHS Gambling Clinic 

The Big Step

Gambling with Lives

You can follow Craig on Instagram here and find out more about his recovery or about the walk on 7th October. The Just Giving page is here.

Craig mentions an app he uses to track his days without gambling and it can be used as a journal too. It's called Nomo and it's available here.

Craig mentions a book called Atomic Habits which you can buy here.

 You can find the episode transcript here,