70 - How to Enjoy Being Single at Christmas

On this week's episode, Katie and I are chatting about being single at Christmas time. We've found that this can be a tricky one so we're bringing you our tips on how to enjoy the festive period.

Last year we made a few festive podcasts so they're here if you want to listen back for more advice on how to deal with December and it's frivolities. 

Ep 22 - Divorcemas (How do deal with divorce and Christmas Day)

Ep 20 - Confidence at Christmas with Katie Portman - Style Consultant 

Ep 19 - Decluttering with Cath Hindle - The Xmas Special 🎄🎄🎄

Ep 17 - Danielle Barbereau - The Divorce Coach (Danielle covers support over Christmas towards the end of the episode)