71 - Married at First Sight UK Series 8 ⭐️SPECIAL⭐️

Happily Ever After with Hannah Harvey

71 - Married at First Sight UK Series 8 ⭐️SPECIAL⭐️

On this weeks podcast, Katie and I are using this platform to discuss a very important topic; Married at First Sight.

We'll be using our total lack of qualifications to decide what the experiment is about, telling you what we think of some of the couples and seeing how it makes us feel about marriage.

If you haven't watched the full series yet, come back to this episode when you're done because this podcast is spoilers galore.

We've got Claire Venus to thank for recommending the show in the first place. She features on Happily Ever After episodes 43 and 58 and you can find her on Substack here

If you're wondering why I start talking about Blue Beard and dead women half way through, I tell the story in the Fairytale episode which is here.

You can find the episode transcript here.