80 - Radical Honesty and Compassion in Divorce with Penny Brereton (part one)

Today I am joined by Penny Brereton, a long time blogging friend whom I reconnected with during my divorce because she was having almost exactly the same kind of experience at almost exactly the same time. We were even doing many of the same healing techniques.

It's been a long time coming, but I'm thrilled to welcome Penny onto the podcast today, as she is ready to share her experience and how she supported her children through her divorce using radical honesty.

I loved this chat so much, we made it a two-parter! This episode is about surviving and healing from the divorce... next week's episode is about moving on and how to embrace the next chapter after divorce and heartbreak.

You can find Penny on instagram @pennymaybrereton and head here for more information on her children's mental health books "be happy be you" and "create your own happy"