81 - Moving on: identity, dating and not judging the time line with Penny Brereton (part two)

In part two of this chat with Penny Brereton, we talk about what happens after you're divorced. Once the dust has settled from the court battles to the divorce admin... what do you do next?

We cover a lot of ground around healing - including shedding the persona you have to create to protect yourself through the process - finding your purpose (including failing and having to move away from what you thought was your identity), and of course... dating!

To listen to the first part of this podcast, where we talk about surviving divorce and radical honesty

items discussed in the podcast:

‘The Writer’s Way’ by Julia Cameron

Pear Ring

Episode 60 - Trusting Yourself with Rachel Smithbone

The Compassionate Mind Workbook and Self-Compassion App

Penny's Book for Children and Teens: ‘Create your own happy’, and ‘Be happy, be you’