I have discussed in detail my issue with pregnancy bras, but I have recently had a pleasant surprise so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you so you too can benefit!

Organic sleeping bra, £29.95 – Babes with Babies, london. 
4.5 out of 5

Arrival time – faster than fast (I booked it Tuesday lunchtime and it came the next day) and that was the cheapest option- perhaps if I’d paid the most expensive option, it would have been couriered by a white dove and arrived within the hour.
Delivery price – expensive! £4.95 is the cheapest option and what I bought could have fit in a large envelope (1st class stamp 75p plus special delivery costs).

The bra: 
Comfort – lush
Look – if you’re stood up, this bra is a winner. Plenty of chest on show (i.e. Not like those ones that cover you up to the neck) and generally quite sexy. I’m very happy with the look.
Practicality – unfortunately this is where this bra falls down (or out in my case). Clearly babes with babies do not have boobs larger than a C. Ridiculous, I know. So even the large does not provide enough support for the larger bosom. The result is that when I’m sleeping (on my side as we’ve been instructed) a boob regularly falls out.

To be honest though, I couldn’t give a shit! I have found a bra that looks cute, makes me feel less of a frump and is comfy in bed. For that reason, and despite the service misdemeanour, it’s getting close to top marks. Probably a bit generous but given the lack of credible competition, it’s well deserved.