Ever wondered what a pregnant woman is like after a night out when she went to bed at 1am? Well, I tell you. She’s a pissed off grouch, with no sense of humour and her poor family gets it in the neck for a whole day. What a catch, eh? And that has been me all day thanks to a fun night out with a bunch of drunk people. (in case you can’t tell from my tone, I did really enjoy the night!)

I decided in the hope to release some happy endorphins I’d do some exercise but after spending 3 days doing all the exercises on the Davina – Body Buff DVD for today’s review post, I couldn’t face doing any more Davina. Having leant out all my other exercise DVDs I reached for my only other DVD – Ministry of Sound’s Pump It Up (image below for your enjoyment and to prove my point) and didn’t even manage to get past the intro before I wanted to kill myself. Super-skinny girls in knickers and a bra is not the domain for the pregnant (and sevearly pissed off) woman, let me tell you.

Ministry Of Sound: Pump It Up! See what I mean?

So, I reverted to one of my tried and tested Davina DVDs and I must say I’m feeling a bit better (I think sleep is the only thing that will really work). Despite being known as a wee bit annoying, I don’t find her DVDs annoying at all – they’re on the fairly to very tough scale (so you feel like you’ve done a decent workout), they are quite amusing (even though I’ve seen them a hundred times – e.g. today I still laughed at a boob related comment while doing my arms. Easily pleased perhaps), and they aren’t perfect (they haven’t spent forever trying to edit all the life out of the routines, so they make mistakes, which makes it all the more endearing and not annoying). Despite being able to recite it word for word, I think this is why I still enjoy doing the DVDs.

After doing Davina Body Buff Legs section on Wednesday, I decided I would do the rest of the workouts to see how appropriate the rest of the DVD still was for someone who’s nearly 6 months pregnant. I’d been focusing my excise efforts at home on non-cardio workouts, think lunges and arm exercises, so time to see how I fare with a couple of cardio sessions! Here’s your review.

Davina – Body Buff Menu – whole DVD is 2 hours

Buff Warm up

Buff Cardio – 25 mins (plus 5 mins abs*)

Buff Boxing – 25 mins (plus 5 mins abs*)

Buff Legs and Core – 20 mins

Buff Arms – 15 mins

Buff Abs – 10 mins*

Buff Stretch – 5 mins basic with a further 5 mins deeper ‘yoga-style’ stretch

* I’m not doing any of the abs workouts as they are all crunch based – I’m sure these will be great once I’m trying to get my stomach back and I’ll be doing them everyday!

Wednesday – Buff Legs

I’m not going to lie, I love lunges. I’m obsessed with trying to get smaller legs so I do this one all the time. It’s quite hard work (in fact I’d almost go so far as to say it’s the best of her legs sections on the DVDs I have)  so it feels like it’s doing some good. The section takes the form of 4 sections of legs (squats, sumos, lunges, side lunges, etc) each seperated by 1mins of cardio to loosen the legs up again and raise the heart rate (aka fat burning while you’re doing the resistance work).

From a pregnancy point of view, it’s getting harder to do some of the moves. For example, squats are harder as my belly is beginning to get in the way, so I’m using a bit of artistic licensing and am doing sumos (wide legs, upright back – see this post for full explanation) instead of squats. All in all, I love the DVD for this section alone.

Thursday – Buff Cardio

I’m not as keen on cardio sections as a rule and I think it must be because I like the predictability of the resistance training – the sections interrupted by 1 mins of cardio – you just know where you are with it. With the cardio I tend to spend my time thinking, when’s it going to be over? Am I even halfway through yet? Etc. I’m not the spontaneous person I once thought I was.

Having said that, I think this section is pretty good, especially for pregnancy. There’s a low impact version which I think (she says know sweet F.A. about trimester 3) I’ll be able to do for quite some time yet. On Thursday I was able to do quite a bit of jumping about, I got at least half way through before I had to start doing the lower impact versions of the exercises. So, all in all, it was a nice variation on my resistance stuff and I ‘m going to do it more now (particularly when I’m feeling extra flabby and want to burn a few more calories).

Friday – Buff Boxing and Buff Arms

After 2 days on the trot doing the warm up I was getting a bit sick, so I decided to do the last 2 sections at the same time… Buff Boxing, much like Buff Cardio, was pretty alright and a nice change. It’s lower impact than the cardio (i.e. less jumping around) and with all the kicking and what not, you do feel more like you’re working your muscles, which I’m keen on. The only thing I’m not keen on is the twisting, due to the reliance on your core, but I just ad-libbed so it worked out fine.

The arms, like the legs, is one of my favourites. It’s especially good if you’re short of time, not really feeling it or want to tag it onto one of the other workouts, but still quite hard (although I really need to get some heavier weights). Unlike their other resistance workouts, this one doesn’t use their tried and tested ‘section, 1 min cardio, section’ formula, but combines the moves with some cardio to African style bongo beats. Just what you always wanted from your arms workout.

Warm up and Stretch – just a quickie about this…the warm up does what it meant to, it’s entirely non-offensive so no comment. The stretch – the first section is a stand up stretch so ideal if you’re feeling stretch lazy. The second section is more tricky and my belly does get in the way bit (plus my amazingly unlimber bits didn’t help either) but I think I should try and do more of it.


There you have it! I personally think it is definitely a good one for pregnancy exercises and with the added abs sections, I’ll be doing it (probably everyday!) to try and claw back some semblance of my former body.