I’ve been working on research into exercise – the myths, advice, what feels best to me, etc. There’s loads of information out there so I’m trying to pull it together, get rid of the contradictions and develop my exercise plan for a post that will hopefully be really useful for anyone who is pregnant and wants to keep exercising (which btw should be everyone who is pregnant – there are so many benefits! God, I’m annoying myself…).

At the weekend, Gabriella was poorly (major snot storm every 15 minutes) so we didn’t end up going to the gym. We hit the housework instead (yuk – Mike was a slavedriver and my fuse was SHORT) and then went visiting (and eating) for the rest of the weekend. To cut a long story short, I ate and did no exercise and I didn’t like it.

To make up for it I’m adding extra little pregnancy exercises to my workouts this week. One of my favourite at home by myself exercise (what am I talking about, it is my all time favourite and I offer no apology) is my Davina exercise DVDs, and this afternoon I decided to do to both the leg and the arm sections of one of them (with the warmup and cool down it’s about 45 mins). I wasn’t expecting company for an hour or so but Mike and Gabriella turned up half way through the arms section and my quiet workout quickly turned into a spectator sport. Gabriella then ran off to find my smallest weights so she could join in (so cute). After a little snack and by the time we were stretching even Mike had joined in to see if he could also get his knees on his shoulders (like Gabriella, not me). A bit surreal but it turned out to be a nice bit of family time.

And now we’re watching Jodie Marsh: body builder – from my lamo, going to put on weight anyway, exercise regime to Jodie’s super-lean extreme. I want her arms, I think I’d need to push slightly heavier weights than my 1.5kg…but I’ll wait until after Bday for that!