I found out that I was pregnant back in December. Like a lot of my contemporaries, I had spent the week drinking (it was the run up to Christmas, come on), so needless to say I felt very guilty when the 2 lines popped up on the little reader thing. I did both the tests, of course, and then after telling my husband, I called my doctor, as I thought they would be interested. They weren’t especially but said I could come and wee in a pot to confirm it if I wanted. So I did that and it was positive too.

Then, with little other knowledge, I trawled the internet for ideas of what to do next. Take folic acid and vitamin d. Fine. I checked my symptoms – I thought my boobs had been quite sore but the fact that they were now too big for all my bras (much to my husband’s delight – ‘your boobs are MASSIVE’ – yes, thank you dear) explained a lot. But that was kind of it on the pregnancy symptoms front.

A few days/weeks later I started to feel a bit nauseous and I couldn’t think about a pea and mint rissotto that I had fully enjoyed at work a few weeks before, without reteching. Whenever I thought about what I wanted to eat, the image would pop up in my head and I’d start feeling minging.

That was all between about 6 and 9 weeks, now I’m nearly 10 weeks and all pregnancy symptoms seemed to have stopped, which has left me feeling a bit… ‘am I actually pregnant?’ – my husband was looking at my belly this morning that I was duly pushing out for him, and he confirmed ‘hmm, yes, you are definitely pregnant’ (oh good,  that means I’ve put on lots of weight – this baby is the size of a kidney bean remember!) and then in the same breath said something very rude that cannot be repeated (my mum might read it at some point). It’s funny how men’s minds work.

I have my first midwife appointment next week, so hopefully it will be a bit more real then – I have to wee in two more pots, so I guess one of those will be checked again…then of course there will be a scan in a few more weeks. In the mean time, I shall continue to assume I am!