Yesterday I was 16 weeks pregnant and I was meant to write a post for my pregnancy week by week theme about this fab new site I had found. It shows how your body is changing and where the baby is… I’ve been finding it hard to work out where exactly the little bean is! However, I went out last night for Alex’s boyfriend, Len’s, Birthday, which was lovely. We were all treated to a gorgeous Thai meal in the most unlikely surroundings of an old man’s pub in the countryside, called the Ship.

Following that I suddenly, mid-sentence thought I was going to puke, quick footed in to the toilet and nearly passed out on the way. It was all a bit dramatic for me considering I’ve had no morning sickness. It came and was all over in 30 minutes but I did feel pretty shitty for the rest of the evening. All a bit weird and I’m fine now.

So, here’s what’s going on under my pregnant (not fat although that’s all it looks!) belly courtesy of This link shows the developments during the second trimester, so up to week 26.

16 weeks pregnant

I got quite excited when I read up about baby this week. Apparently its little ears are developed enough now to be able to hear so it’ll be starting to hear my voice and getting used to it. Apparently, if you chose a song to sing while you’re pregnant, the same song can sooth your baby after it’s born. I’m the type of person who just needs to hear a few words from a song and I’m singing it, ‘it’s gettin’ hot in here so take off all your clothes’ etc… so I’ll have to start refining my song choice a bit and consciously chose a few songs that are appropriate for little ears!