Well this is the moment I’ve been working towards/dreading…the Protest bikinis haul post!

Protest bikinis - haul and competition


When I started working with Protest back in May, my personal goal for the Mums’ Days Fit Club was to be “bikini ready” for our holidays. And part of being bikini ready meant I needed to deal with some of my own body hangups. As with everyone, there are bits that I really don’t like.

Yes, I wanted to lose some weight and get some tone, but unless I’m going to take it really, really seriously, my body isn’t going to change that much. So, I was keen to move beyond the hangups and I feel like I have.

I will always have ‘ample’ thighs and bottom, so the key is to emphasis the good bits and ignore the bad! Having said that, I was amused during the shoot when I was sat nicely and Mike was like…’urm, I’m not sure this is working, let’s try something different’.

I don’t mind showing you what wasn’t working, because I’ve obviously chosen the ‘best’ photos for this post but I don’t want you to think they were all the ‘best’!

Protest bikinis - haul and competition

We’ve had kids, right? So, quite frankly, our tummies ain’t going to be what they were and being OK with that is an important part of moving on and getting bikini ready!

Protest Bikinis

I absolutely love the Protest Bikinis that they sent me, I think they are so flattering. When buying bikinis I often find that the bottoms are too tight and, well, the cup sizes are just miniscule.

I found the process of picking something that I knew would fit was much easier.

Here I’m wearing 2 bikini’s from the ‘mix n match’ range. You can choose by cup size or by style/colour and then pick the size after.

For the black and white combination I picked L/size 14 for both. I’m normally a 10/12 in clothing, but I’d say it’s more to do with my ample bottom! I just hate having a love handle overhang, so I like to go bigger.

Protest bikinis - haul and competition

And for the floral I picked ‘D cup’ and it was easy to find what they had that would fit nicely, then pick what I thought would be the most flattering bottoms (the ties at the side means you can make them bigger/smaller as necessary!).

Protest bikinis - haul and competition

So, I’d say the Protest Bikinis get a massive thumbs up and thank you to the weather man for providing the only sunshine in the whole country on Sunday morning!

Katie from Pouting in Heels is bringing us a guest post with some powerful words of wisdom about body image and confidence (and crucially how to get your mits on some) on Wednesday, but in the mean time, get entering this fab bikini competition so you too can rock a flattering Protest Bikini on your holidays!

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Protest bikinis - haul and competition