Aw man, just as I thought I was getting the hang of dressing myself for winter (see how to look good while looking after a child), spring arrives and with it spring outfits. Gah! Thankfully, and this is the only time you’ll hear me say this, the weather in the UK is pretty much the same all year round. As a result, I don’t think my wardrobe will change that much…a smaller jacket (I got a denim jacket for £15 in the Gap sale and I recon I shall be living in it!), some new thinner woolies as the other ones haven’t lasted well and some stuff that I would be OK wearing if it was a bit warmer. I currently don’t own anything of the sort that can be worn whilst simultaneously looking after a child.

So, I’ve been looking for some inspiration for Spring Outfits and created a bit of a mood board on Pinterest: Spring Outfits.

The recipe for spring outfits is still:

Skinny Jeans + long vest + top/jumper = spring outfits!

However, there are some definite changes to my spring outfits wardrobe centring around the top/jumper area and accessories. Here’s what I’ve got (and by the way it’s more what I’m looking for rather than actual products! So, if you’ve got ideas/suggestions please do comment below)

Spring Outfits


For me this spring I’m totally feeling the pastels and animal print, with a bit of mustard for good measure. Whether it’s shoes, accessories or blocks…I’m on the hunt for something a little bit different.

Colour pallet - spring outfits #fashion #spring2014

From Birchbox Magazine

accessories and mustard - spring outfits #fashion #spring2014

Source unknown

accessories - spring outfits #fashion #spring2014

I’d like to have the guts for something like this! Kate Spade New York From Nordstrom 


It’s still all about the skinny jeans for me so getting a pair that fit and feel comfy is of UTMOST priority. For me my Avedon low-rise skinny jeans by Citizens of Humanity are it. But, despite spending a fortune on a pair in September, they have a hole in the kneeeeeeeee! And although this is apparently OK, it doesn’t look like the designer rip. It’s just a hole. In the knee. And my knee needs moisturising!

knee - spring outfits #fashion #spring2014

Is there such a thing as a cool Mum Patch?!

I’m going to invest in a new pair (I still need to find them cheaper online as I originally bought them in Fenwicks and spent way too much) but I will still wear the old ones when I’m messing around with Reubs. And the other thing I want is some cropped jeans (although I’m not brave enough for this colour!).

crop skinnies - spring outfits #fashion #spring2014

Source unknown


1. Basics – I’m on the hunt for new long vests, the kinds that really support, do you know what I mean? I have some from Warehouse but despite being a size 8 (which I most certainly am not) they are just a bit baggy now!

2. Tshirts and vests that fit right – I like the idea of wearing a vest or tshirt with just a scarf or cardigan (see below). AND, I want to feel comfortable in said vest/tshirt if I need to take my jumper or cardigan off! So, no worrying about belly bulge or man arms. And I think I’ve found it in the Gap Essential Crew tshirt! But will be looking for more.

thin tshirts -  spring outfits #fashion #spring2014

Originally Found on but that site seems to be no more…

thin tshirts -  spring outfits #fashion #spring2014

This is clearly autumn-y so imagine this but with spring colours. Via Mcloveinstyle

3. Light knits – I’m talking light jumpers and cardigans to wear over said basics and tshirts. I love this outfit…maybe ditch the heels and hat, oh, and glasses while I’m with Reuben! Maybe something like this from Allsaints but a bit cheaper!

thin knits - spring outfits #fashion #spring2014

From A Spoon Full of Sugar

4. Shirts? – do I want to go there? I have the mac, I have the holy jeans (ahem) but would the shirt work on me? Are they more for the skinny, flat chested types who don’t need to bend over? Can I make this look work? We shall see!

shirts - spring outfits #fashion #spring2014

From Go Chic or Go Home

This is it for my spring outfits inspiration so far. But if that’s not reason enough to hit the shops, I don’t know what is!

What ideas have you got for your spring outfits? Do share in the comments below!