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Mums' Days Reviewers - Becca

06 Jan, 2016

Hands up who’s NY’s resolution is to get in shape?! Yeah, me too! Well, help is at hand. The Mums’ Days Reviewers have been busy at work reviewing products that may be able to help with this resolution and help you decide where to spend your hard earned cash! Today’s review comes from Becca (who also blogs at Mummy, Daddy, Mia) who has done a 2 week trial of the Exante Diet Plan.

Here’s what she made of it…

Exante Diet Plan Review - Mums' Days Reviewers - See what mum, Becca, thought of her 2 week trial

Exante Diet Plan Review

Quality: ★★★☆☆

Price: ★★★☆☆

Overall: ★★★☆☆ (more…)


08 Jun, 2015

Welcome to the second installment of the Mums’  Days Fit Club and this week we are talking about FOOD!

Before we get on to that, I’d like to thank everyone who made last week’s launch week so special. I was blown away by the launch party over on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page. It was literally like a party! Loads of buzz and motivation flying all over, not to mention wonderful prizes from Protest! So, thank you!!

And if you missed it, don’t worry there will be more. The next party will be on 1st July, click here to make sure you don’t miss it!

On to food

I really love food. Like really, really. This post is all about what to eat to feel great and start to lose weight but not your sanity.

It includes a sample meal plan and ways to jazz up your food, some guidelines for portion control, and a list of healthy snacks!

Food - get the skinny on what to eat to feel great (and lose weight)! Click through for a Sample meal plan, guide on portion sizing and healthy snack ideas! (more…)


13 Apr, 2015

Final Weight Loss - 6 week body transformation. How I lost 20lbs in 6 weeks including an example meal and tabata workout! http://www.mumsdays.com/final-weight-loss/

Today was my final weigh-in for the 6 week body transformation at Elite Physique (see my first body transformation update here)!!! How did I do with my overall weight loss? …well, I didn’t quite hit my 20lb target but I was pretty close.

Final Weight Loss = 19.2lbs

I am so pleased with that!!!

Here’s how I have got on over the last 6 weeks… (more…)


A bunch of helpful resources to keep us on the wagon!

05 Jan, 2015

So, OBVIOUSLY one of my goals this year is to get fit and have a body like Elle Macpherson (she’s 50, looks amazing – aka fit, healthy and young – I’m hoping to improve with age), and I understand that loads of you also seem to have this goal too. As a result I thought it might be helpful for both of us if I do a sort of round up of resources that cover the things that have worked for me in the past from diet to fitness…plus a few new things I’m going to try! I plan to treat this as my motivation to lose weight and keep popping back for inspiration.

Motivation to lose weight - a list of 36 awesome resources that will help you keep up your New Year Resolution all year long! Click here to view: http://www.mumsdays.com/motivation-to-lose-weight/

Motivation to lose weight in 2015 – Diet Resources

I’ll start with diet because this is commonly known to have a far greater impact on your body shape than fitness alone. On the induction to my gym (about 5 years ago) I was told by the personal trainer that getting the body of your dreams is 80% diet, 20% exercise. So thinking you can run 30 minutes on a treadmill and then eat a Chinese take-away and/or Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream for tea is not going to work, unfortunately. Boohoo!

I know that loads of people have success with plans such as:

  • Diet Chef (my buddy Aby has lost a ton of weight, see her progress here);
  • Weight Watchers (I loosely followed this idea back in 2005 and lost 10 kg);
  • 5:2 (my best mate and her mum have lost loads with this – I tried without as much success!); and
  • Slimming World (my Mum and cousin both did really well with this)

My personal diet style is Clean and Lean and/or Juicing. The majority of what we eat at home is organic because I buy into the whole ethos behind it (not going to preach to you here, just being open) and, with the right planning, I thoroughly enjoy eating my greens and good quality protein. I love to experiment with flavours and to cook so it’s no hardship to me {this may not be your thing, hence mentioning the other diets above with links to their sites!}.

However, while I lost the baby weight by Reuben’s 1st Birthday this way and with juicing, I tend to put on weight really quickly (quicker than pre-baby days!) especially when I eat a lot of carbs, sugary stuff and junk food. I also have no ‘stop’ mechanism, so I can literally keep going until there is nothing left. Christmas has not been kind to my waistline!

Onto the resources, I need motivation to lose weight and quickly!


Juicing is by far the hardest to get into mentally but by far the quickest in terms of results (both mentally and physically). So, if I have something coming up, like the awards last year, a holiday, or a photo shoot, I’ll do a some juicing in the days beforehand.

Here’s a few online resources:

Recommended reading:

Clean and Lean

This is my general approach to eating when I’m on the wagon, which I’ve picked up from various places but most notably from Jason Duigan’s books (incidently this is the way Elle Macpherson eats, hence my desire to look like her!); eating good carbs (no white crap), not drinking too much booze (or none if you can) or caffeine, and cutting out all sugary foods including fruit if it’s not with nuts and yoghurt.

Online resources:

Recommended Reading:

Motivation to lose weight in 2015 – Fitness Resources


This year you might be preparing for a challenge, such as a 5 or 10K, or even more. This is not my area of expertise, but my husband, Mike, is preparing for ultra-marathons and all sorts so he has suggested a few resources:

He also suggests these ladies as general inspiration and motivation to lose weight:

In the Gym/at home

I try to do some weight training 2 or 3 times a week, there are some great free resources and training programs to follow, many of which can also be done at home. I like these:

Motivation to lose weight – Resources For the Mind

My main form of exercise is actually walking and I use it as a tool to get my head in shape! So I try to walk or do some form of gentle exercise for 30 minutes everyday. I implemented this back in December and I’ve found it really helps me focus on what’s most important to me and then get things done. I’ve also been hearing a lot about the power of meditation, so I’d love to give that a go over then next few weeks. Here’s some resources:

Did you have a resolution to lose weight or get fit? What’s your plan? And, what would you recommend as motivation to lose weight?

I’d love to hear all about your steps to keep in shape and keep motivated well beyond January!


14 May, 2014

the 5:2 diet - does it really work? I'm hoping so!

OK, another faddy diet, coming right up! This time it’s the Fast Diet. Also know as the 5:2 diet. Remember a while back I was talking about the 4 hour body diet? Well, I did a wager with my best mate, Alex, that the person who lost the most weight would get a bottle of champagne from the other one. Well, I fairly quickly lost 4 1/2 lbs on the 4 hour body (or slow carb diet) and then quickly got sick of it! Alex on the other hand was doing the 5:2 diet and she had lost over a stone and a bunch of inches to boot. She finds it really easy and so she’s been encouraging me to give it a try.

How to do the 5:2 diet

What Alex does is on the 2 days that she’s fasting (note: these mustn’t be consecutive days) she will basically go as long as she can on tea or coffee and water or herbal teas. Then she will have something light (approximately 100 calories) at around 2 or 3 and use the rest of the calories for her dinner. I haven’t actually read the book but I figured if I followed Alex’s routine alongside my visualisation, I should get on OK! Click here for more info on how it works and the health benefits of fasting.

Day 1 of the 5:2 diet!

I gave it a go yesterday and it really was remarkably easy, despite the fact I’d been on a 3 day Hen Do where I’d been eating a LOT and drinking a LOT. By around 1 or 2ish I was pretty starving so I had a small helping of soup, enough to satisfy me. Then at Reuben’s dinnertime I had a bit more (about 75 cals per serving). When Mike got home around 8, I finally got to eat a proper dinner of pork steak, asparagus and mash potato (I never normally eat carbs at dinner time but I felt I needed it!) and was totally satisfied.

What was more interesting is that today I haven’t been as hungry as I normally am. I’m always having morning and afternoon snacks and I haven’t wanted them today, despite going swimming this morning.

So, there you have it – Day 1 of the 5:2 Diet done! I’ll be doing Day 2 tomorrow and I’ll do a weigh in next Wednesday to see if I’ve lost any weight.

Apparently you lose around a lb a week which, to my usual ‘lose weight fast/put it back on fast’ mentality, sound utterly shit but I’m eating as healthily as possible anyway and putting visualisation techniques into practise…focus on the long game, but also set smaller goals that I can reach and celebrate each week. I’d like to lose a stone by the time we go on holiday in August, which is doable at 1 lb a week. There’s your motivation to stick with it right there!

Have any of you tried the 5:2 diet? How did you find it?


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