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Part 2 of the 20 hours: Ski Challenge with Protest

16 Dec, 2015

I have now finished 8 hours of my 20 hours: ski challenge, so I thought this would be a good time to fill you in on how it’s all going and what I’m finding more difficult.

20 hours: Ski Challenge with Protest - hours 1 to 8

I can:

  • ski from the top of the slope;
  • get down a hill without falling over;
  • get down a hill with control;
  • do turns and snow ploughs; and,
  • fall over…

Pretty sweet huh? And all whilst looking pretty darn good in my Protest clobber (you can see outfit 1 in How to Ski and outfit 2 in Winter Fashion!)

20 hours: Ski Challenge with Protest - hours 1 to 8

But, it’s all VERY slow. In short, I am still in the chicken phase and the big question now is breaking that barrier to a bit more speed!

20 hours: Ski Challenge – hours 1 to 7

I have had 7 hours of lessons with the lovely Lesley at the Everyone Active Silksworth Sports Complex in Sunderland before she had to leave me to go to Austria (how rude!).

20 hours: Ski Challenge with Protest - hours 1 to 8

I found the lessons have been such a confidence boost. Being out with Lesley has enabled me to feel comfortable, even when there are lots of people around. It is also much easier to progress with a teacher as she has given me exercises that, for example, make sure that I’m putting my weight on the right leg, or stop me thinking so much about turning so I relax. All of that has meant I could concentrate on improving whist feeling proud of myself and what I’ve achieved in the lesson.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced so far was after my first fall! We went to the top of the slope during hour 4 and what a view! However, I quickly lost control and pretty much threw myself on the floor. It didn’t hurt and in fact I felt elated afterwards, like I was a proper skier, and even rang Mike to jubilantly tell him.

Reuben also watched the clip of me falling for about 20 minutes, which was nice…and you can see it here (plus more shaky footage!).

BUT, that was on Thursday and my next lesson wasn’t until the following Monday. By then my elation had turned into fear! For nearly the whole lesson I felt really nervous but Lesley snapped me back out of it.

By lessons 6 and 7 I was back into the swing of things and I even fell over again but this time because I was going so slowly!!

20 hours: Ski Challenge – Hour 8

Hour 8 was my first solo ski… 10 days ago and I haven’t managed to go again since! Mike surprised me with a trip to the Xscape Centre in Leeds on our way back from a family visit to Lincolnshire but I chickened out. In my defence it was super busy and I was a day away from being wiped out by a virus for 3 days.

20 hours: Ski Challenge with Protest - hours 1 to 8

But my solo ski, although a bit nerve-wracking and not as much fun without Lesley, was really good.

It is such a nice way to spend an hour, I’d highly recommend it! The views are spectacular, it’s definitely good exercise (phew!) and it allows you to switch your head off and focus on what you’re doing while getting some fresh air and vitamin D. What’s not to love?

Speaking of which…

Would you like to give Skiing a go?

If you fancy having a go at skiing, Everyone Active have an exclusive offer for you as a Mums’ Days Reader!

1. Ski foundation 1 course

– 1 hour taster session for beginners aged 7 and above. Use code MUMSKI5 to get the course for £5 instead of £22.

2. Kinder Ski course

– 10 week beginners course for children between 4 and 6. 1 hour per week of 10 weeks. Use code MUMSKI45 to get the course for £45 instead of £68

All you need to do is

Let me know if you do decide to give it a go, I’d love to hear how you get on! They also do snow tubing which is suitable for all ages, so I’m thinking about it for Reuben’s birthday next year…!

20 hours: Ski Challenge

So, that’s it so far…I have 12 hours left of my 20 hours. I think the plan is to get 1 or 2 more hours practise at the Silksworth Sports Complex before we jet off to France where I will have another set of lessons. So my final update will be at the start of January after my 20th hour!!!


20 Jul, 2015

Welcome back to this week’s Mums’ Days Fit Club, the 8th in the series (click here to visit the rest of the series) and I have another workout for you designed by top Geordie Personal Trainer, Stephen Pape from Elite Physique Transformation Centre . This time we are focusing on the abs and Steve has put together a hardcore but, crucially, quick Abs Workout!

This is your Summer Abs Challenge*…see if you can do it every night before your holiday!

Take part in the Summer Abs Challenge with this a super quick but hardcore Abs Workout! Devised by top Geordie Personal Trainer, Stephen Pape: http://www.mumsdays.com/abs-workout/ (more…)


Mums' Days Fit Club

15 Jun, 2015

Welcome back to this week’s Mums’ Days Fit Club and have I got a treat for you! A 15 minute full body workout, devised by top Geordie Personal Trainer, Stephen Pape!! Oh, and you don’t need any equipment, so you can do it at home (we’re removing any excuses you may have!).

Full Body Workout in 15 minutes!

Before I get to that, if you’re new here and you have no idea what the Mums’ Days Fit Club is, you might like to check out week 1: Goal Setting and Getting Started, week 2: What to eat to feel great, and finally here’s a little video explaining the motivation behind the project!


16 Mar, 2015

I have started a 6 Week Body Transformation, with a company called Elite Physique, where I aim to lose 20lbs!! I warn you, this is going to get gushy… {UPDATE: If you’d like to see who I got on read my Final Weight Loss here}

6 week body transformation - click here for weeks 1, 2 and 3 video diary with Mums' Days: http://www.mumsdays.com/6-week-body-transformation/

6 week body transformation

The plan is as follows:

1. Workout with Elite Physique 3 days a week (my sessions are at 6:45am)

2. On 3 of the other days workout for 50 minutes

3. Stick to their eating plan

Today is the 1st day of week 3 and the day of our third weigh in. I only lost 2 lbs last week but I’ve been much better at sticking to the plan this week, so I dared to hope for more this week and I lost 4 lbs, which I’m really chuffed with!

**6 lbs down 14 to go!**

1. Well being, early mornings and exercise

So far it has been all consuming, from the early wake ups, to planning and sticking (not so much here) to the diet and, although I’m feeling particularly tired today, I am loving it. I don’t mind the early mornings at all, there’s something amazing about being up at that time, seeing the new day before everyone else. The workouts are really hard and really good. The feeling I get as I’m driving home is literally close to euphoria, I’ve been feeling so incredibly lucky to be alive (after listening to Amy Winehouse on the way home), to have my wonderful family and their support, and to be able to do something life changing like this for them and for me. I’ve been on the verge of tears (who am I trying to kid? I was sobbing). So I’d say it’s been quite a powerful emotional experience!

Exercising on the other days is less easy to motivate myself to do, but I’m working on it!

2. The Diet Plan

The biggest revelation has been the diet. It’s great and I’m not hungry. Well, I am but at the right times, and it’s bloody easy to follow. My biggest problem and the reason I put on weight, was I simply ate too much (and drank too much wine) – I have an insatiable appetite and left to my own devices, I would eat the same portion as Mike, if not bigger when no one was watching. So having someone tell me what and how much to eat is amazing. I think it is the true power of what a program like this can offer; rules, peer pressure and competition replaces self-discipline!

Mike keeps telling me, often when he has a beer or a glass of wine in his hand, how proud and impressed he is of me…but it’s easy. It’s a game! And I get games. You just follow the rules and you’re onto a winner.

It’s Monopoly. You can’t collect £200 unless you pass go, so for the most part it removes the £200 from your mind. You’ll get your £200 when you’re entitled to it! The £200 in this case is obviously wine or chocolate or a Chinese or {insert your vice of choice here}. Therefore, I don’t feel deprived and if I do, I take myself off to bed and get some much needed zeds.

3. Sleep

Which leads me onto the other biggy for me… sleep! Ooh how I love it. Normally my day would go like this:

Reuben wakes at some ungodly hour, and I try and get him to sleep some more, dozing on and off in some horrific game of torture where I am rudely awoken by having my ribs crushed ever few minutes/seconds.

I’m tired all day.

Reuben goes to bed at 7pm. I’m beyond tired, have tea and I use food and drink to fuel me through a few more adult hours.

That last sentence is pretty crucial. So instead of going to bed, I use substances (food and drink that my body doesn’t need and so kindly pops into my saddle bags for later) to keep me awake until ‘bedtime’.

But recently, as I mentioned in How to Blog like an Athlete, I am getting my hiney into bed sometimes as early as 7:30/8pm. If I’m going to be up the next day at 5:30am to workout, I need to get enough rest (8 to 9 hours is the recommended amount –  hands up who’s managing that?!).

I should also point out here that the more you sleep the more likely you are to lose weight. Athletes, them again, get around 9 or 10 hours sleep and might up this by another 2 hours if they are competing (source)! And according to this infographic from Sleep Genius… sleeping less than 5.5 hours makes it 55% harder to lose weight and sleeping less than 6 hours makes you 25% more hungry.

That would explain a lot. I definitely feel hungrier, and colder for that matter, when I’m tired!

So, that’s it so far! if you would like to hear it from the horse’s mouth, you can watch my video diary’s for week 1, 2 and 3 below.

If you like what you see please do subscribe to my Youtube channel!

Have you ever tried a 6 week body transformation? What did you find worked for you?


12 Days of Detox

04 Dec, 2014

I’m into Day 4 of the 12 Days of Detox and I’m already behind on sharing my thoughts! But actually I find that the themes for Day 2 (Exercise) and Day 3 (rituals and routines) fit together quite nicely so we’ll pretend this is intentional. The big question I’ve been left with is Do I have a TV addiction? I will answer this tricky question on Day 3 below!

So, as a recap on Day 1 of the 12 Days of Detox I covered the Detox Diet, which I would encourage you to have a read of. Now I’m past Day 3 I can tell you I’m feeling better already just from cutting out a few things and focussing on drinking loads of water and herbal teas!

Day 2 – Exercise

So how does exercise fit into the Detox? For me it is more about mind than body, although the two are so closely linked it’s hard to differentiate. However, after a decent workout or walk or general move of my body, it is my mind that feels clearer. Detoxed, if you will!

I have a bit of a weird relationship with exercise and to put my current situation into perspective, I did more exercise when I was pregnant than I was doing up until a few weeks ago!! That is ridiculous. But back then my focus was simple, I wanted to be the happiest and healthiest I could be by the time Reuben was born, and part of that mission was to exercise 30 minutes everyday. I would do all sorts from weight training to walking to cross trainer to exercise DVDs in my living room! I listened to my body and moved whichever bit felt right. So when I stopped being able to walk comfortably, I would swim or go on the bike at the gym.

With birth a distant memory, my focus moved to different things; my career, surviving sleep deprivation, being a housewife, etc. The amount of exercise I do now tends to ebb and flow with my focus on a weekly basis. If we’re going on holiday I do it more, if it’s coming up to Christmas…not so much! It is something I class as a “should” do rather than a “must” do and, therefore, it’s easy to sideline in favour of something far more important…like the dishes or watching I’m a Celebrity!

However, what I forget is that exercise has a big impact on my well being. You could almost plot a chart (in fact I have done!) that shows how my happiness increases with exercise!

Do I have a TV addiction? Facing facts on day 2 and 3 of the 12 Days of Detox!

Happiness vs Exercise Graph (more…)


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