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09 Feb, 2016

Back in the summer when Mike was telling me about the 20 hour principle (which I used for my skiing challenge), I came back from the holiday deciding I’d put it to the test and I wanted to learn how to do a pull-up.

Pull ups for women - part 1. Steps 1 to 5 for beginners.

I hit the gym super excited and did my first set of exercises. I’d done a little research and apparently the best way to ‘learn’ is to start with a ‘slow negative chin up’ – basically you jump up to the chin up position (fingers curled towards you) and slowly descend.

I did 3 sets of 8, with a break in between each set, and by the end I was literally flopping straight back down. (more…)


Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest and Competition

25 Nov, 2015

Last week I explained that my latest project as a Protest Ambassador is a Skiing Challenge… To learn how to Ski in 20 hours!

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

I had my first lesson last Thursday with Everyone Active at the Silksworth Sports Complex in Sunderland and I’ve had 2 more lessons since.

I’m learning with the lovely Lesley, a top Ski instructor and winner of more medals than you can shake a stick at. In this post, I’ll be sharing what Protest clothing I’m wearing with your chance to win the same outfit, Lesley shares her top tips for How to Ski for those of you starting out…or even just thinking about starting out. But first, here’s how I’ve been getting on…

How to Ski – hours 1-3

So far I’m loving it! It’s not as mortifying as I thought it would be, I haven’t fallen over, touch wood, and I don’t feel frustrated by my progress. Here’s a short video of the first 3 lessons.

In the video I’m wearing some gorgeous goodies from Protest, which you can win! (Your own new ones – not what I’ve been wearing…) Just scroll to the bottom and fill out the rafflecopter.

How to Ski – Lesley’s top tips

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

1. Bring gloves. It’s part of the slope rules to wear them all the time when you’re on the hill. Falling over hurts without them!

2. Arrive in plenty of time before the lesson. You’ll have lots to get sorted so don’t get stressed out by being in a rush.

3. Dress for the weather. You’ll be outside so even though you need to be covered up, turn up wearing a full ski suit in June and you’ll cook. Likewise, if it looks like rain, bring coat.

4. Ditch the (skinny) jeans. They won’t be comfortable tucked in your boots. Skiing’s a sport, dress for it.

5. Don’t be too scared. The instructors know what they’re talking about and won’t push you to do anything you absolutely can’t.

6. Listen to the instructor. Even if you think you can’t do something, it’s their job to show you how. If you already can do it, it’s their job to make you better.

7. ENJOY IT! Skiing is great fun, you’ll have a blast!

What I’m wearing

When my Protest box arrived, I thought Christmas had come early. I loved everything they sent me.

What’s more, I have never really owned anything that is warm. I know that sounds silly, but all these years I’ve hated being outdoors because I’m nearly always too cold. It turns out I really was just wearing the wrong stuff. I have been so incredibly toasty during my Ski lessons, even in lesson 2 when it chucked it down for the whole hour!

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

Here’s what I was wearing (and what you can win!)

Fabrizo Zip Top – this is a long-sleeved fleece top to wear under your waterproof jacket. Snug as a bug!

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

Hopneon Snowpants – I want to live in these snow pants. They come up nice and high to pull in the ol’ mummy tummy, are super comfy and they are warm and waterproof. Oh and I they look pretty snazzy – there’s no missing me on the slopes and I’ve had so many compliments!

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

Alyssa Snowjacket – this is a fashion jacket! I’ve been wearing it to the pub, for the school pick up, to the shops…and yet it’s actually the warmest jacket I’ve ever put on and it’s fully waterproof so perfect for skiing. It’s true love.

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

For your chance to win this outfit, just fill out the rafflecopter below! UK residents only and Ts and Cs apply, so please read them via Rafflecopter. Good luck!

**Competition now closes**

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I’m linking up with #BrilliantBlogs and the love Vicki over at Honest Mum


Festive Fitness with Protest

18 Nov, 2015

Yey, I’m working with Protest again! After the success of our summer campaign, which reached over 150,000 people, Protest have invited me to be their Winter Ambassador. The Protest Autumn and Winter collection is amazing, so I’m going to be looking great skiing down the mountains this year.

Instead of getting Beach Ready we’re getting Piste Ready!

Skiing in 20 hours? My Protest Ambassador Challenge

There’s one slight problem though.

I can’t Ski.

Yep! So, with the help of Everyone Active and the Silksworth Sports Complex and Ski Slope in Sunderland, Protest have challenged me to learn to Ski…in 20 hours. (more…)


Mums' Days Fit Club

01 Jun, 2015

Welcome to the first installment of the Mums’ Days Fit Club where I’ll be talk all about goal setting and getting started!

To celebrate the launch and help some of you get started, Protest are giving away prizes! You could win a full workout outfit (worth £95) or 1 of 2 runner up prizes – See the bottom of the post for full details.

Goal Setting and Getting Started - Launch for the Mums' Days Fit Club! (more…)


27 May, 2015

It’s the end of May and the start of the summer, which can only mean one thing… Swimwear season! We have our summer holiday booked and I want to be feeling and looking fit not flabby in one of these babies from Protest!

Introducing the Mums' Days Fit Club and Protest Brand Ambassador announcement! Bikini range from Protest

Courtesy of Protest

I had a feeling I wasn’t the only one who thinking about this with an element of trepidation and I was right. The response to my question about it on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page was unanimous: starting a Mums’ Days Fit Club is a good idea!

The Dawn of #MDFitClub

Starting on the 1st June I will be posting weekly articles about all things health and fitness from eating plans to exercise (squats and lunges have been suggested I’m afraid), and motivation to motherhood (aka finding time to exercise and eat right!).

My aim is for us to work together to feel fit in every sense of the word (in the UK fit also means sexy!)…

I want us to be feeling good from the inside out; confident and beach ready in body and mind!

Often getting out, doing some exercise, eating a few more veg and getting some more sleep (aka looking after yourself a bit better) is all it takes to get that extra confidence to feel beach ready! Goodness knows our bodies have changed after having a baby but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t flaunt our new, amazing bodies. If you feel good, you look good! Stretch marks and all! (more…)


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