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Guest post from Kate, Pouting in Heels

29 Jul, 2015

On Monday I posted my first ever bikini shot on this blog…! Even though I’ve been working hard on my diet and exercise, it took quite a bit to work up to it. Body confidence is a funny thing, even before having a kid mine wasn’t great, and I think it hit rock bottom after.

This evening is the Mums’ Days Fit Club Pre-Holiday Party on the Mums’ Days Facebook Wall and I want the focus to be on body confidence! While we’ve been working hard to improve our health and fitness habits in the #MDFitClub, whether we’ve reached our goals or not, we need to cut ourselves some slack and have a great summer with our families! Our bodies are amazing. Like totally awesome!! We’ve given birth and that’s something to really celebrate, which is why I really wanted to share this amazing post with you today.

My good friend and all round wonderful, supportive woman, Kate from Pouting in Heels, is brilliant at boosting your confidence and getting some perspective. I have friends who have told me that Katie basically got them back in the gym or a bikini because before reading her stuff their self-confidence was on the floor.

I am thrilled that I can bring you this absolutely amazing post today, enjoy it and then go and celebrate you body!

Body Confidence - 7 tips from Kate, Pouting in Heels, on how to learn to love your body

How I learnt to love (and accept) my body.

Guest Post by Kate, Pouting in Heels

I’m certainly no expert on body image but here’s how I’ve managed to love my body most of the time. This is what has worked for me. (more…)


Guest post from You Baby Me Mummy

15 Aug, 2014

Today is my friend Aby’s blog birthday! She writes the wonderful You Baby Me Mummy, which is the grand old age of 1 today. Not only is she hosting Mums’ List for me (head on over to link up your list posts…) but, to celebrate her Birthday, I’m re-blogging one of her 1st posts (and one of my favourites): Different Types of Mummies. This is hilarious, have a read and see which one you are!

Which type of Mummy are you? - Different types of mummy a hilarious guest post from Aby, You Baby Me Mummy:  http://mumsdays.com/different-types-of-mummies/

Different Types of Mummies

Baby and I get out and about a fair bit during the week, going to different baby groups. When Baby is entertaining herself, I enjoy a spot of people mummy watching. I have come to realise that there are different types of mummy. Maybe we are all one of these types or maybe these types are transient. Here are my top 8 mummy characters;

Mary Poppins Mum – This is the type of mum that I think I secretly want to be.  The MPM is always prepared and always does the right thing.  She has countless spare, co-ordinating outfits, appropriate for any possible weather condition with her at all times.  She seems to have the same size bag as all the other mums, yet hers is filled with everything her little darling’s heart could desire at any given time.  The MPM and MP Baby are always immaculate and there is always a freshly baked cake at home ready for visitors.

Corporate Mummy – This mummy planned her pregnancy like another big work project.  She followed medical advice to the letter and would not listen to the advice of any well meaning friends, preferring to listen only to professionals.  She is in control every step of way, was on her Blackberry during labour and was back at work immediately, as if nothing had happened.

Pyjama Mummy – This mummy thinks nothing of pulling on a pair of Uggs (we should be grateful they are not Crocs) in the morning and going out and about still in her PJs and bed hair.  Her kids live in baby grows, well onsies are comfy right!?

Earth Mummy – This Mummy started her journey of motherhood by eating the placenta.  Not in a capsule, but in a big old stew.  She relies on homeopathic medicines and vegetarianism to get her through and is often seen wearing crazier clothes than her kids.  Earth mummy can also been known as Hippy mummy and doesn’t believe her children should be constrained by any rules or routines.

Glamour Mummy – GM makes Victoria Beckham look like an old bag lady.  She popped out her beautiful, obviously perfect baby and was immediately back in her size 6 J Brand skinny jeans and Manolo Blahnik’s.  There is never a hair out of place, a sick mark in sight and GM kiddies certainly never have snot on their faces or fluff stuck to their hands.  GM, without intention, make most other mums feel inferior as she wafts about in a cloud of Chanel Gardenia.

Worrier Mummy – The WM is a bit overwhelmed.  She constantly checks and double checks all the information given to her.  She searches the internet for everything baby related and gives herself a hard time about just about every decision she makes.

Alpha Mummy – AM is the leader of the Mummies.  She is the font of all knowledge and is very competitive.  She can often be found dispensing information, sometimes without being asked.  She probably has the oldest baby in the group and so has been at every stage first.  If your baby has just learned to walk then hers has probably just learned to fly!

No Worries Mummy – The NW Mummy, got pregnant at the drop of a hat, as soon as she decided to try.  She sailed through pregnancy without a hint of queasiness, swollen feet and barely put on a pound.  The baby simply popped out and slotted into her life without a single issue.

I think I started a Worrier Mum and am now trying my hardest to be Mary Poppins Mum.

What type of mummy are you?


And you DON'T need a blog

17 Jul, 2014

I have it written in a few places around my site that I’m open to people suggesting a topic (and writing it!) for me to publish on this here site of mine, which I like to call ours! And I wanted to reiterate that today in this call out for a guest post from you…

Guest Post

I do have a slight ulterior motive in that we are going on holiday from 13th – 27th August during which time I’d like to completely take a break from the internet; to switch off, to relax my mind and fully take a break and be present with my family. Do you know what I mean?! I want to continue to write when I’m out there (as per this post about blogging daily) but on something totally wacky, like paper!

But in order to do this AND keep up with number 2 of my New Year 2014 Resolutions, I would like to have a blog post ready and waiting for each day we’re away before I go.

Ordinarily a guest post would be written by a blogger but, my dear reader who doesn’t have a blog, I wanted to ask if you fancy writing about something? It could be literally anything that tickles your fancy as long as you care about it (or in the words of Jon Bon Jovi, you are PASSIONATE about it!).

Want to write me a Guest post?  It can be about anything as long as it's passionate! "No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate" Inspiring Quotation from Jon Bon Jovi http://mumsdays.com/guest-post/



Featured blogger - Newcastle Family Life

22 Jun, 2014

Lindsey, from Newcastle Family Life, has shared with us her birth story for her second baby. Apparently it was an awful pregnancy! I find it so strange that some pregnancies are fine and other are just the pits. I have heard (in fact told “you’ll know this of course what with all your research” – er, no.) that an awful pregnancy, with the predominant awfulness being sickness, is down to the baby having a different blood group to the mother…I’ve not checked but if that’s true, there’s not a lot we can do about it. The next awful pregnancy could be any of us! But it’s all worth it in the end and soon forgotten, right?! If Lindsey is anything to go by, it definitely is.

Awful pregnancy! Lindsey’s birth story

Awful pregnancy doesn't mean they all will be. Here is Lindsey's 2nd birth story (spoiler - it's didn't put her off!) http://www.mumsdays.com/awful-pregnancy/

Sophia’s first photo

My second pregnancy was awful! I was sick every day from the moment I conceived until the day I give birth. I also suffered from sciatica and pelvic pain, which was so painful that it made walking impossible. I had to have weekly physio and was signed off work on early maternity leave at 25 weeks pregnant. I also ended up in agony in hospital for a week at 32 weeks pregnant with gallstones and spent the last 8 weeks of my pregnany barely able to eat anything, so much for eating for two! (more…)

one comment.

Birth Story from 3 Princesses and 1 Dude

18 Jun, 2014

This birth story from Becky at 3 Princess and 1 Dude, is mint! One of the worst bits about labour for me was having to drive for 20 mins to the hospital to be checked (and we made the journey 3 times in total, so that was 6 20 minute trips), I found it so painful! Imagine sitting down and all the pain stopping? That would be amazing! I wouldn’t get up again. Haha! But her labour signs were so confusing.

For poor Becky it did cause a lot of bother because she had no idea if she was in labour or not! It’s a whirlwind at the end so hold onto your hats…

Becky’s Confusing Labour Signs

I have decided to share my story of Elsie’s birth as out of all 4 of my very straightforward and quite ‘normal and easy’ births, hers was a) the most recent and b) the most awkward (if I can call it that!!).

confusing labour signs - Becky gave birth and she wasn't even sure she was in labour!  #labour #childbirth #baby #newborn http://www.mumsdays.com/labour-signs/

Now, from the minute we knew we were having another baby (a happy surprise, and our 3rd in 3 years!), everyone, including myself and the midwife, thought ohh this one will be early…Ellie was 4 days early, Jenson 7 days early and Evie 10 days early. I was expecting to give birth around 2 weeks earlier if past records were anything to go by!

Imagine my delight, when at 37w and 2 days, after months of suffering SPD, I got some labour signs?! I started  with contractions around every 45 minutes and while they were not painful, I left them to run their course. Meanwhile I was preparing our bags and getting everything ready to pack the monsters off to Nanny’s! 3 hours later, contractions still every 30-45 minutes, I got into bed for the night expecting to be up early hours of the morning in a more established labour…I woke up next morning at 7am…the contractions were all fake my ‘labour signs’ had stopped!

These confusing labour signs continued for the next 3 weeks. Yep, my darling Elsie was late. 2 days LATE after everyone kept telling me she would be early!!!! Sometimes these ‘labour signs’ came every 10 minutes for a whole afternoon and then they would just stop.

When I started getting contractions every 15/20 minutes on the morning of 28th October, I ignored them – these labour signs weren’t fooling me this time! At 7:45am I went about preparing school lunches, etc. for the day. The contractions were every 5 minutes and actually quite painful. This was it, 2 days after her due date we were about to meet our newest princess.

Dean rang his boss to tell him he wouldn’t be in work and I sat down to rest. And that was that. They stopped! No contractions for me…I sat and sulked for half an hour then went about getting the kids dressed and waving Ellie off to school. Dean was umming and ahhing about whether to go into work. I wandered upstairs to get the clothes for the day and the contractions started! They were every 3-5 minutes as I pottered about upstairs getting myself dressed and ready and finding clothes for the kids. I got downstairs, sat down, rang Dean, rang my Mum who also sat umming and aching, and they stopped again!!

The only thought I had at this point was it can’t be real labour signs, real contractions dont just stop! This continued for the next hour, when I was up and about the contractions heavy and strong. When I was sat down nothing, not a thing! So, I didn’t ring the hospital…we went about our day, Dean staying off work just in case. We drove into town and I stayed in the car whilst Dean popped into the bank then we drove to my mum’s. 45 minutes later and no contractions at all. When I got to my mum’s house contractions were in full swing as I walked from the car..I sat on mums sofa, crying. Why was this pregnancy so awkward I just want to have my baby and these stupid Braxton Hicks were pissing me off…BIG TIME!

I stood up to go and get something. Oh, and would you believe it? A contraction…A BIG ONE!

Mum looked at me, “Ring the hospital just see what they say.” I took the phone and wandered into another room…another (strong) contraction…dialled the hospital and started talking…(another contraction)…continued talking…(another contraction)…I could hear the panic in the midwifes voice as she explained to me to get to hospital ASAP (a 30 minute drive in good traffic) and if I needed to then we would have to pull over and ring an ambulance.

These contractions where coming fast and strong as I wandered around the room talking to the lovely midwife over the phone, and as I started panicking to my mum and Dean! (And my poor Step Dad, Chris, who I’m sure wondered what the hell had gotten into me!)

With heavy and fast contractions we set off in the car, and low and behold the bloody things stop! Not 1 contraction the whole 30 minute drive. They were going to send me home, I just knew it! I stepped out the car and hadn’t been on my feet for 30 seconds before a wave of contractions hit me, every 1/2 minutes as we walked across the car park and made our way to labour ward!

We got to labour ward and they asked me to get on the bed. Well, they are just going to stop, aren’t they? So I refused gas and air but the midwife MADE me take it so I begrudgingly did!

I climbed on the bed at 11.52 and 12.01 Elsie was in my arms! My ‘this isn’t labour’ labour was over and I’d been in the hospital less than 15 minutes! Thank God my mum made me ring them or else we would have been having a baby in the car…or her house!!

confusing labour signs - Becky gave birth and she wasn't even sure she was in labour! #labour #childbirth #baby #newborn http://www.mumsdays.com/labour-signs/

That it that my birth story, no scary labour signs, no scary pains, no scary situations just a rather FAST birth!

Thanks Becky!

Did you have funny labour signs? Were you unsure you had gone into labour or not?! Do share!


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