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28 Feb, 2018

A week ago today I had a Laparoscopy, so I thought I’d share how it went and what’s been happening since…

For those of you who don’t know, the reason I needed a laparoscopy in the first place was because my mirena coil had ‘gone for a wander’. When it was put in,  the wall of my womb was slightly ruptured and that was enough for the coil to slowly, but surely, worm its way out of my womb and wander around my pelvic cavity. It was discovered during an Xray (read more about the ‘finding the coil saga’ here).

Laparoscopy to remove merina coil

To get the blighter out, I needed a laparoscopy, which is keyhole surgery where they enter via the belly button and stick a camera down there. They then fill you with gas so they can see properly and make one or two small incisions to the side of the belly button in order to remove said coil. I only needed one incision and it looks like this… (more…)

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Mums' Days Fit Club

03 Aug, 2015

I’ve always been in the camp where the best supplements should come from our food rather than taking vitamin tables. In fact, when I was pregnant I blogged quite a bit about what to eat to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals vital for pregnancy, even for avoiding stretch marks!

These days I’m still the same but provided the source is good quality, I’ve found it can definitely help to have some extra supplements in your diet.

5 best supplements for better health

There are certain things I try to introduce into my diet every day, some of which are supplements, and I thought I’d talk you through some of my 5 favourites… (more…)


Mums' Days Fit Club

01 Jun, 2015

Welcome to the first installment of the Mums’ Days Fit Club where I’ll be talk all about goal setting and getting started!

To celebrate the launch and help some of you get started, Protest are giving away prizes! You could win a full workout outfit (worth £95) or 1 of 2 runner up prizes – See the bottom of the post for full details.

Goal Setting and Getting Started - Launch for the Mums' Days Fit Club! (more…)


28 Sep, 2014

Last week I received a heartfelt email from Hayley for our support. Hayley’s little boy, Nathan, suffered horribly as a newborn from reflux and a milk protein allergy, however, it took until he was admitted to hospital until the health professionals would listen to her. I do think the NHS did a wonderful job for me, but being a new mum is filled with anxiety and this isn’t the first time I’ve heard stories like this from mums; they know there is something wrong but they really have to push for help. Hayley is raising awareness of reflux in babies and I really wanted to help with Hayley’s cause, so I’m sharing her letter with you in full.

Reflux in Babies – Hayley’s Story

Hi Hannah,

I’m writing to ask for your help. I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to cover our story.

It would help to raise awareness of reflux and allergies in babies and is linked with an article published on reflux and the new NICE guidelines last month.

In response to these guidelines I have created a petition and it’s had an outstanding response. Within the first five hours of going live we had over 600 signatures. At present we now have over 5,000 signatures. Celebrities such as Paddy McGuinness, Coleen Noleen, Sherrie Hewson, Karen Millen and Kym Marsh, to name a few, have all signed and tweeted the petition link.

Since creating this petition I have spoken with hundreds, if not thousands, of parents who are dealing with reflux in babies all over the country and are in desperate need of more awareness by GPs and medical professionals.

Indeed, it’s not until you are faced with a baby with reflux and allergies that you ever come across these issues. And, they are quite obviously affecting many parents and babies across the UK. Here is Nathan’s Story.

*You can Sign the petition here*

Nathan’s Reflux Story.

My little boy has had a testing time battling reflux and cows milk protein allergy. The advice and help we received from our GP was awful. I was left upset and frustrated and my little boy Nathan was left in distress and pain because the numerous GPs we saw would not believe me that he had reflux and cows milk protein allergy.

I suffer from a milk allergy myself so I could see the signs clearly in my little boy. I asked for a milk free formula to be prescribed as his full body rash, explosive stools, projectile vomiting and choking /coughing episodes were getting worse by the day. After weeks of battling and being told my little boy had baby acne and colic we ended up in an emergency ambulance admission to hospital.

Hayley shares her story about reflux in babies and milk protein allergy

Nathan’s allergic reaction to cows milk protein

Nathan had turned blue in the face and lips with choking and was finding it difficult to breath. The choking was getting worse and the GPs I saw just told me I was over anxious and looking too far into things. They said if I wanted to change his formula then just to put him on a Lactose free milk or comfort milk. I explained that I didn’t think he was lactose intolerant. In fact I could see he had a milk protein allergy. The General practitioners just looked at me and never responded.

When your child is in pain and cannot be placed down in their Moses basket for five minutes because of the constant squirming, grunting and crying with pain, you are anxious and upset and you want someone to help your child. You feel helpless and the one place you think will help you just dismiss you as an anxious new mum.

Indeed, their first words before evening viewing your baby are, ” is this your first child?… and your child will get upset if you are upset. They can feel anxiety!”

Even though you know 100% what is wrong with your child they decline to help.

The NHS only started listening to me once Nathan was admitted to hospital and we started getting somewhere.

Within 72 hours of having the milk free formula (Nutramigen) and medication he was a new baby and within three weeks his symptoms completely went.

Nathan's allergic reaction to cows milk protein

Many stories mirror that of Nathan’s. Some babies have been left so long without treatment that tube feeding has been the last option and permanent damage has been caused to their throats.

It is for this reason, I have created the government petition to ask that parents of reflux and allergy babies / infants – receive more help and support and that we are listened to, not just dismissed as over anxious fussy parents. It seems from the petition response already that the need to raise awareness of this is massive.

The petition also comments on the great concern amongst parents regarding the NICE draft guidelines published. If these guidelines are brought into play by the government, then parents face an even larger struggle for reflux to be diagnosed and treated. We know we are in a recession and money needs to be saved but from what the guidance is proposing it’s going to be at the cost of thousands of innocent babies who have no voice, only their parents to speak out for them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the brief description of Nathan’s journey. We certainly hope that with your help we can raise the awareness that’s desperately needed.

The story has also been covered by ITV news and the Daily Mail and had awareness made via Mummy Pages GB and Parentdish. Please find attached the links below.

Many Thanks,
Hayley Edwards.

Thank you Hayley xx

Did your baby suffer from reflux in babies or allergies? Please do share your experience below

If you would like to show Hayley’s campaign support you can sign the petition here.


17 Jun, 2014

Do you like a lot of sleep or are you one of those people who can function on less than 7 hours a night?! I like a good long sleep at night and I am very keen on napping too. The party nap, the nana nap, the car doze, sneaky snooze, the full on day time sleep. It’s all a winner. In fact it’s a bit of a family joke that if I sit on a sofa for any length of time, it doesn’t matter who’s, I will fall asleep. If I could, I would have daily naps.

daily naps - why you should embrace the nap! #dailynaps #sleep http://www.mumsdays.com/daily-naps/

My napping career started when I helped the milkman as a teenager. Getting up at 4 or 5am took it’s toll, so when I got home I would get back into bed for a few more Zzz’s! Then I went to Uni and a combination of late nights and procrastination, continued my love for daily naps. Working did get in the way of napping, but it wasn’t completely unheard of! I had an Italian work colleague who would nap at his desk, so I would occasionally join in at mine. It was easier when I had my own business, I would very of often have a nap on the sofa after lunch! And,when I was pregnant I would have a hypno-nap everyday, which is where I would listen to my natal hypnotherapy CD and invariably fall asleep!

Does this amount of napping shock you? Or are you a fan of daily naps too?!

I’ve always been a bit embarrassed about it, how lazy! But then I read in a JNL book about how great she thought they were so I’ve been thinking about the benefits of daily naps more recently. When I heard about how many successful people (loads of world leaders in fact – Napoleon, Churchill, Reagan, John F Kennedy, ETC!) also have daily naps, I decided to share my love of napping with you all and why you should consider adding it into your routine, if you can!

Benefits of daily naps

According to Michael Hyatt, these are 5 reasons you should consider having daily naps:

  1. Restores alertness – do you ever get that feeling after lunch that your body is shutting down? I’d rather just have a nap then fight that feeling until afternoon tea!
  2. Prevents burnout – and stress/frustration and I would go as far as to say depression. I was definitely feeling borderline depressed when Reuben was a newborn due to a lack of sleep.
  3. Improves your creativity – stuck on a problem? Take a nap and see what your unconscious mind can come up with!
  4. Reduces the risk of heart disease – what the what?! But nice one.
  5. Increases productivity – kind of makes sense that 40 winks will perk you up!
  6. An added extra… I also think it makes you look better – more rest is good for the skin and overall health.

Types of daily naps

I don’t actually nap everyday these days, but when I do, I have one of these two…

The Quickie

When Reuben is having his nap, if I just want a quick pick me up and want to make sure I don’t sleep for too long, I’ll grab a blanket and snuggle up on the sofa. For an extra boost, if it’s needed, I’ll have an espresso just before. Sounds crazy but it takes about 20 minutes for caffeine to start working, so I wake up raring to go. The quickie is also ideal as a party nap (i.e. a nap before going out for the evening).

The Bad Night

For you newborn mamas out there, this one’s for you. Having continuously disrupted sleep overnight SUCKS!! I really struggled with this, so for me it was really important to get a good solid, 3-hour sleep when I could and would be my number 1 recommendation to new mums. I would express milk and Mike or one of our parents would have Reuben so I could rest. For this I would get into bed, and make the room as dark as possible. If you don’t have blackout blinds, get an eye mask! And, get some ear plugs. If you’re baby is crying there is no way you’ll be able to sleep, what with all those nurturing instincts.

This is also the type of nap I’d have after a bad night with Reuben now, or if I’d been out out the night before!

What kind of naps do you like? Or are you anti-naps?

There are also the unplanned naps, of course, but I don’t have a lot of control over them. Well, I have a reputation to up hold!



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