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Guest post from Picnics in the Rain

15 Mar, 2015

Ooh I do love a good unexpected home birth story! And as Christmas Chic seems to be all the range with our kids at the moment (see here if you’ve no idea what I’m talking about!), I figured you’d love this surprise Christmas Baby story from the lovely Jess of Picnics in the Rain!

Christmas Baby…Born Beneath the Christmas Tree!

Right before I pop

This is me, posing by the Christmas tree a few days before I pop. At this time we weren’t sure if she would come before Christmas, at Christmas or after Christmas.


03 Aug, 2014

I never tire of a home birth, but a surprise home birth is something else entirely! I can’t deny it makes for a great blog post but for everyone involved for a few moments I bet there was sheer panic, followed by an overwhelming sense of ‘we’re so lucky it all worked out OK’! Kate’s story is much the same – high drama followed by what must have felt like such a surreal calm. Enjoy, it’s a good ‘un!

Kate’s Surprise Home Birth

I’m never entirely sure how to feel about the birth of my second child… shocked, delighted, horrified or just confused. In fact in just the way that a “normal” childbirth can feel like an out of body experience, the experience I had makes it hard for me to believe it ever really happened to me at all.

Our baby boy was due on the 26th May. He was our blessing after a miscarriage the previous June at 8 weeks. My pregnancy had been normal and I was well apart from feeling tired juggling work and a 2 year old.

My eldest was a good first birth. The labour was relatively short at 11 hours and I was already 6cm when arrived at the hospital. It had all progressed quickly until the pushing stage, when we did need a bit of help. But with the aid of an episiotomy he was out and all was well. Therefore I had no real worries about childbirth with my second but due to needing some assistance at the end I knew I wanted to give birth in hospital where help would be on hand if needed. (more…)


Guest post from What the Redhead Said

21 Jul, 2014

The other day I was pursuing my blogger buddy’s site, What the Redhead Said, and saw that she had had two home births. I’m a sucker for a home birth, if you ever read my post about where to give birth at home or the birthing centre, you’ll know that I was very keen on the idea of home births. So, I got straight in touch with Donna to ask if she would share her home births with us as part of the Giving Birth Series. She has kindly agreed…

The tale of two home births - Donna is my featured blogger and shares her home and water birth stories http://mumsdays.com/home-births/

Two Home Births

Before I was pregnant, or even thinking about children, I’d heard so many horror stories about birth – About how you should ‘leave your dignity at the door’ and how it was a necessary evil of life. I had never heard anything positive about birth at all until friends of ours had a baby. We went to see them when the baby was a few weeks old, stayed an hour and heard about the birth, what a lovely, beautiful bonding experience it was. Their birth sounded perfect. Their baby was born at home.

From then I knew that home births would be something I’d like to do when I had children and two years later Hubby and I found out we were having a baby and I knew that we would at least try and have the baby at home. Even when I was pregnant I found myself having so much faith in my body – I was growing a baby, women were made to grow babies. Women were made to give birth. I wasn’t nervous or scared about the experience at all. I was apprehensive of the unknown but I was looking forward to welcoming our baby into the world. (more…)


15 Jun, 2014

I’ve got to say I was very surprised by Susan’s story! I’ve known Susan a while as I follower her blog, Happy Healthy Mumma, and she regularly takes part in Mums’ List. I knew that she was into her health and fitness and is a big advocate for exercising throughout your pregnancy. I did not know, however, that she a) had a home birth and b) did Placenta encapsulation. In fact, I’ll go so far as to admit I didn’t even know you could have your placenta encapsulated!

This is one of the most calm and lovely birth stories I’ve come across. It definitely gets the mums-to-be seal of approval! And, you’ll get an education into placenta encapsulation to boot.

Susan’s Birth Story – including Placenta encapsulation

Susan's Birth Story and Placenta Encapsulation #birth #placentaencapsulation #newborn #homebirth http://www.mumsdays.com/susans-birth-story-placenta-encapsulation

The ONLY way Thomas would sleep the first few months! He was totally worth it though!

I had always imagined giving birth in a hospital, you know, like on one born every minute. But during our ante-natal classes my husband, Pat, and I really liked the sound of having a home birth. We really liked the fact that the midwives would be at our home, we could all be relaxed, I could put music on, maybe a movie, eat cake, make tea and I would get a birth pool all to myself and shower in my own shower and sleep in our own bed. The only concern I had was if something went wrong, but I was assured that I lived very close to the hospital and an ambulance could get to my home in 10 minutes. Now, my labour wasn’t all tea and cake!! (what a shame) but it was surprisingly (dare I say) easier than I thought it would be! Dear god, touch wood, don’t strike me down for saying that, it WAS hard, I just thought I would need drugs or something to get through it, but it turns out I didn’t even take paracetamol! (more…)


26 Mar, 2014

I have a post today to add to my home birth stories from Sophie, who blogs over at Sophie is…. It’s such a lovely story! When I was pregnant with Reuben, my nephew’s mum had a home birth. I couldn’t believe it but then the more I talked to them about the experience, the more I wanted it. In the end I chickened out as we live a good 20 minutes away from the nearest hospital and apparently the ambulance can take a further 20 minutes to arrive. I do wonder if my story might have gone differently though, quicker and with fewer drugs, if we had chosen to stay at home? Either way, I love this tale, it’s what I would have hoped for…maybe next time?!

home birth stories - Sophie's Birth story. The Giving Birth Series, Mums' Days (more…)


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