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Mums' Days Fit Club

03 Aug, 2015

I’ve always been in the camp where the best supplements should come from our food rather than taking vitamin tables. In fact, when I was pregnant I blogged quite a bit about what to eat to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals vital for pregnancy, even for avoiding stretch marks!

These days I’m still the same but provided the source is good quality, I’ve found it can definitely help to have some extra supplements in your diet.

5 best supplements for better health

There are certain things I try to introduce into my diet every day, some of which are supplements, and I thought I’d talk you through some of my 5 favourites… (more…)


Guest post from Kate, Pouting in Heels

29 Jul, 2015

On Monday I posted my first ever bikini shot on this blog…! Even though I’ve been working hard on my diet and exercise, it took quite a bit to work up to it. Body confidence is a funny thing, even before having a kid mine wasn’t great, and I think it hit rock bottom after.

This evening is the Mums’ Days Fit Club Pre-Holiday Party on the Mums’ Days Facebook Wall and I want the focus to be on body confidence! While we’ve been working hard to improve our health and fitness habits in the #MDFitClub, whether we’ve reached our goals or not, we need to cut ourselves some slack and have a great summer with our families! Our bodies are amazing. Like totally awesome!! We’ve given birth and that’s something to really celebrate, which is why I really wanted to share this amazing post with you today.

My good friend and all round wonderful, supportive woman, Kate from Pouting in Heels, is brilliant at boosting your confidence and getting some perspective. I have friends who have told me that Katie basically got them back in the gym or a bikini because before reading her stuff their self-confidence was on the floor.

I am thrilled that I can bring you this absolutely amazing post today, enjoy it and then go and celebrate you body!

Body Confidence - 7 tips from Kate, Pouting in Heels, on how to learn to love your body

How I learnt to love (and accept) my body.

Guest Post by Kate, Pouting in Heels

I’m certainly no expert on body image but here’s how I’ve managed to love my body most of the time. This is what has worked for me. (more…)


Mums' Days Fit Club

27 Jul, 2015

Well this is the moment I’ve been working towards/dreading…the Protest bikinis haul post!

Protest bikinis - haul and competition


When I started working with Protest back in May, my personal goal for the Mums’ Days Fit Club was to be “bikini ready” for our holidays. And part of being bikini ready meant I needed to deal with some of my own body hangups. As with everyone, there are bits that I really don’t like.

Yes, I wanted to lose some weight and get some tone, but unless I’m going to take it really, really seriously, my body isn’t going to change that much. So, I was keen to move beyond the hangups and I feel like I have. (more…)


20 Jul, 2015

Welcome back to this week’s Mums’ Days Fit Club, the 8th in the series (click here to visit the rest of the series) and I have another workout for you designed by top Geordie Personal Trainer, Stephen Pape from Elite Physique Transformation Centre . This time we are focusing on the abs and Steve has put together a hardcore but, crucially, quick Abs Workout!

This is your Summer Abs Challenge*…see if you can do it every night before your holiday!

Take part in the Summer Abs Challenge with this a super quick but hardcore Abs Workout! Devised by top Geordie Personal Trainer, Stephen Pape: http://www.mumsdays.com/abs-workout/ (more…)


Mums' Days Fit Club

13 Jul, 2015

It’s Summertime! Pass me the Processco…oh yes, sorry, wrong post. This post is a Mums’ Days Fit Club post so it’s all about healthy drinks to enjoy in the sun without your goals going to pot!

Smoothie Recipes and Healthy Drinks for the summer!

Now before you think I’m getting all high and mighty on yo’ ass, my biggest vice in life is coffee with cream and anything bubbly (preferably with alcohol in it), so this is as much a list of ideas for me as it might be for you. But I hope you can take some inspiration from it and from knowing I struggle with not drinking my calories, especially when the sun is out and Barbie is on. So here are some alternatives that do work, I promise! (more…)


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