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22 Mar, 2014

Make your own Mother's Day Card *click here* for instructions and FREE printable!

I’m delighted to be able to share another post by Sara Davies from Crafters Companion. In her words it is “a simple project to get mums’ toes dipped into the wonderful world of crafting!” Aside from a machine that you might not have (not that it should stop you having a go and making something lovely either way), this is a great little project, complete with a free printable of all the images you need to make your very own Mother’s Day card!

How to Make a Mother’s Day Card

From Sara Davies

With Mother’s Day fast approaching this is a great opportunity to have a go at card making and show your own mum how much you care by making a beautiful handmade card which will leave a lovely lasting impression on her special day.

I have chosen a design which is really sweet and colourful, with the added touch of a miniature ‘wish bottle’ to make it extra special. Not only is this card easy to make in four simple steps, it also provides the opportunity for your own little one to get involved. When attaching the wish bottle, ask your little helper to whisper a nice wish for their Grandma before you add the stopper. Then, when you reach the final stage of applying the finishing embellishments, ask your child to choose where they go and help you to stick them on. Your mum will love it when you tell her about the teamwork that has gone into the making of it!

To make things super easy, I have compiled a sheet for you to download free of charge so that you have the images ready for when you want to start creating.

So, are you ready? Let’s get crafting!

Make your own Mother's Day Card *click here* for instructions and FREE printable!

Supplies list:

To create:

1. Emboss the Cloud background (not essential if you don’t have an embossing machine) – Run the 14x14cm cardstock through an embossing folder and die machine then adhere centrally to the card blank.

Make your own Mother's Day Card *click here* for instructions and FREE printable!

2. Cut the mid pink background (not essential if you don’t have an embossing machine) – Using the Elegance Die’sire die, cut the shape with mid pink cardstock. Apply 3d decoupage glue to the reverse and apply centrally to the card blank. Cut around the butterfly catcher illustration, apply clear glue and adhere to the pink die cut shape.

Make your own Mother's Day Card *click here* for instructions and FREE printable!

3. Cut out the greeting and apply to the foot of the illustration with 3D decoupage glue. Adhere one of the flower images to the right of the butterfly. Fill the glass bottle with glitter, close and then adhere the glass bottle to the card, just above the letter D on the greeting. Cut out the “make a wish” quote into a tag shape, then mate and layer (stick down) onto the dark pink card. Now apply to the right of the bottle with clear glue.

Make your own Mother's Day Card *click here* for instructions and FREE printable!

4. Now apply the rest of the embellishments (hearts and flowers) with clear glue, like below, to finish.

Make your own Mother's Day Card *click here* for instructions and FREE printable!

Et voila! You have now created your very first card from scratch!

Tips to get you going:

  • Allow time – you don’t want to rush your first creation so plan some time when you won’t be interrupted and you can enjoy each step of the process
  • Set aside some space – clear the dining room table of your ‘life admin’ / crumpled up tissues / any sneaky primary colour objects and lay out your supplies in the order that you will need them
  • Remove liquids! – if you’re putting the kettle on before you start, make sure you grab a coaster and keep it on the floor to avoid spillages that could ruin all your fabulous efforts
  • Be proud! – when you’ve finished, take a picture and share on social media – you never know, you might start getting requests!

Thanks Sara!

For more from Sara’s, you can read her other articles: Crafting – Quality time for Mum and Sara’s Birth Story

And if you have a go at making your own Mother’s Day Card, please share a picture on the Mums’ Days Facebook wall!



The importance of making mum time!

13 Mar, 2014

I have a fantastic guest post today from Sara Davies about the importance of making quality time for yourself and how to do this with crafting. I think it’s fairly common knowledge now that I’m no crafter. But, you know what? That wasn’t always the case – I used make bags (which I also sold), cushions, cards, all sorts. I once even made some curtains! I used to call in sick (as an 18 year old, I might add) and trawl the charity shops of Edinburgh to find ‘good’ material (mainly kitsch tea towels and old curtains!) then come home and make stuff.

Over 10 years on and I seem to have a mental block when it comes to doing crafty things, to the point where I don’t know where to start. Perhaps I feel silly or it might be more that I don’t know what to make or I’m worried I will never finish?!

But in this month of the Mother (Mother’s Day is 30th March!), I’ve been thinking more about making quality time for myself, and how much I used to enjoy crafting. Apparently when you have a child it can really awaken creativity in the Mother! Even the most uncreative woman in the world can start to feel like she wants to make something or do something creative. I suppose for me it was writing – 2 years ago I didn’t write anything unless it was for work. Now look at me (71 blog posts already written for 2014!). But the fact that I don’t do anything practical, that I can touch and see and feel proud of, makes me sad.

Sara, who shared her incredible birth story a few weeks ago, also happens to have a business called Crafters Companion. Are you sensing a link? As a new mother to baby Oliver, I asked her how she’s managing to find quality time for crafting and also for some tips to ease me back in!

Quality Time Crafting! Guest post from Sara Davies

As a new mum – my son Oliver is just over two months old – I can now fully appreciate how your life is turned upside down with the arrival of your bundle of joy, but in a good way! Your pre-baby priorities significantly change and the importance of painting nails, having a dust-free window sill and knowing the latest celebrity gossip all give way to a make-up free face, afternoon naps and the latest news from Pampers on your baby’s development!

Obviously for me, crafting became my business so I will have that ‘release’ when I dip in and out of work during my maternity leave.  However, in doing so I started to think how important it is for all mums to have their own outlet, creative or otherwise, in order to save a little time for themselves in a world which now centres around baby.  Not only will time put aside for mum provide a mental break, if it is spent creating something then the satisfaction of doing so can both stimulate and refresh even the most tired of baby brains!

Here are my five top tips for getting your creative juices flowing:

1. Start simple

For those that would like to try their hand at crafting but don’t know where to start, I would give either card or jewellery making a go.  I really enjoy both of these activities and they both have the added bonus of being inexpensive hobbies to start as the equipment needed is minimal.

This time of year is a great time to benefit from the cost-saving element of crafting – having just had Valentine’s Day, on the horizon we have Mother’s Day, Easter and spring weddings, which is a great opportunity to create something that is completely unique and has the added value of the personal touch (oh, and will save a few precious pennies too!).

2. Start small

Both card and jewellery making are great hobbies that can start as just a spare drawer of bits and bobs… and the sky is the limit to where it can be taken. What I like about these two activities is the instant gratification which can be gained from them – within an hour you can have made a card or gift for a friend, it’s that quick and easy.

3. Creativity loves company

Crafting is a great hobby to share with your friends, particularly other new mums.  It’s lovely to meet your new mum friends for coffees and lunches but these soon add up and the opportunity to meet and do something different in each other’s homes is a great money-saver.  In addition, learning from others’ techniques/being able to ask for help if you get stuck is invaluable as your start experimenting with more advanced crafting.

4. Create space

Ensure you set aside an area, however small, that will act as your ‘workspace’ (Hannah has recently written a post on creating a small workspace that might inspire you!).  This is important so that you can lay out everything you need for your project and not get over-faced when starting a new task.

5. Enjoy yourself!

Don’t beat yourself up if you cut too deep or use too much adhesive – crafting is about creating something from scratch that is not run off a factory line and is full of heart, so embrace any faux pas and concentrate on enjoying yourself!

Getting Started

For those wanting to have a go at either card or jewellery making, here are a few practical hints and tips to getting started on each below.  I’ve also highlighted a checklist of items needed for beginners so you can hit the ground running!

Card making

Crafting with Sara Davies - Quality time for mothers day

Buy the best quality tools you can afford – for instance there’s nothing worse than spending all your time and money creating beautiful cards to spoil the finish using card and paper cut with blunt blades.

Invest in storage to keep all your products – you’ll find that products soon overrun the home otherwise.  Drawer units are great as you can have a different drawer for a different type of product.  For instance, drawer for adhesives, drawer for embellishments, drawer for stamps etc.

Join a craft club or go to classes at your local craft store – this is a great way to learn techniques and ‘try before you buy’.

Shopping list:

  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Adhesives
  • Cardstock
  • Papers
  • Images
  • The Ultimate Pro – this is an all-in-one, compact carry-case which allows you to score, emboss, measure, trim, embellish, create boxes, shaped card blanks, envelopes etc

Jewellery making

Crafting with Sara Davies - Quality time for mothers day

The best way to get into jewellery making is to find a local craft group that can show you different techniques, or go to Beader’s Companion YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BeadersCompanion.  Either of these options will simplify the process of making jewellery which is essential for beginners.

The main techniques you’ll need to learn is turning a loop and opening/closing jump rings properly.

Shopping list:

  • Tools (you can add more as you become more confident but the following will form your essential kit)
    • Bead mat
    • Side cutters
    • Round-nosed pliers
    •  Flat-nosed pliers
  • Threading material
    • Wire in a variety of gauges
    • Stretch elastic
    • Beading thread
    • Tiger tail
  • Findings
    • Jump rings
    • Clasps
    • Headpins
    • Eyepins

And of course, you will need a selection of beads (stringing beads, seed beads, focal beads) plus pendant/charm type accessories.

Thank you Sara!

OK, I’m feeling more confident now…I’m going to attempt to make some Mother’s Day cards! Something a bit like this maybe?

Quality time crafting - Mother's Day

You’re Tea-riffic

If you would like some inspiration for what to make for your mother or some ideas to do with the kids, I’ve been working on a Mother’s Day Pinterest Board (of course!), and if it’s nice weather tomorrow Reuben and I are going to get crafting outside.

crafting for mothers day

Mother’s Day Bouquet

Do you like crafting? What do you like making and do you have any tips for getting into it?

leave a comment.