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08 Feb, 2019

It’s Friday! We made it. Phew, what a week of ups and downs. On a personal level it’s been a tough old week.

It was also jab day today and while the jab itself wasn’t so bad, Nancy’s got progressively grumpier 🙁 She’s currently sleeping on my lap after crying for about an hour. While she’s settled I’ve been looking back through the weeks’ photos. I thought it would be a nice opportunity to share some of the good bits. Our ‘weekly wins’!

My parents came to stay

Mike was away doing a winter survival mountaineering course in the lakes (as you do and perfect winter weather for it), so my parents came to stay. I’ve been seeing lots of my mum as she’s recently gone part time and comes to see us with her new found freedom (LOVE IT). But we hadn’t seen my dad since Boxing Day.

It was lovely catching up with him, building snowmen (there’s still a tiny snow lump in the garden now!) and going for Sunday lunch at our local.

weekly wins

I started blogging again

Well, you are reading this on my blog after all so not news but it is a win! I’ve missed blogging so it’s been fun to share some of the lighter side of life here on the blog. You can see each of the posts I’ve written here: Dear Diary, Reading, BOOTD and Breastfeeding.

We went to Spanish City

Mike was off so the intention was to go for a walk with the dog on the beach front. We weren’t really prepared though and didn’t have the right gear for the hoolie that was blowing…so we went to Spanish City instead. Ooh it’s lovely. We ate delicious brunchy stuff (bacon and avocado on toast) and took home cakes which we ate in the car. Heaven.

weekly wins

I did two exercise classes

It’s been about 12 months since I did any sort of proper exercise class so, as my mate Tanya put it, I did the 2 hardest ones at my local gym – body blitz and HIIT. I totally loved it though and have booked to go back next week. The nice thing about being able to say “I’ve just had a baby” is the instructor takes it a little easier on you as you have safe words like “ab-split” that you can say when you’re tired!

I’m easing in, OK?!

Nancy’s coming along lovely!

She’s just a delicious treat! And one who’s starting to move about a bit and get stronger. She’s loving a bit of tummy time (as long as she’s in the exact right mood of course) and she’s started to crane her neck to see what’s going on around her. Mainly to listen to her fog-horn brother!! Who she loves and the feeling is mutual. Aww 🙂

weekly wins

What have your weekly wins been?

I’d love to hear. Comment below or over on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page or Instagram.

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Our week in a nutshell...

11 Feb, 2016

Real life

My List 4 - Dry February

It’s my second week of Dry February and I’ve been out with the girls, I’ve survived the weekend and I’m feeling good about it – don’t break the chain is really working for me!

My List 4 - food videoing in the kitchen

On Monday I made my first foodie video sharing a pancake recipe and it was loads of fun. (more…)


Our week in a nutshell...

05 Feb, 2016

Real life

My List 4 - Adrianos in Gosforth

We went to a Ball on Saturday night which was amazing but we didn’t take a single photo – I don’t deserve to be a blogger. But what I do have is a picture of this Carbonara.

It turned out that one the people in our group was Adriano, as the owner of my FAVOURITE restaurant, Adrianos in Gosforth. So on Monday I had to go and get myself some Carbonara! (more…)

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Our week in a nutshell...

11 Dec, 2015

Well, it’s the end of an era! If you’re here for #TheList, you will now need to go to the lovely Aby from You Baby Me Mummy and her *new* cohost, the luscious Amy from Mr and Mrs T Plus Three.

I’m so happy to be passing on the baton to Amy! She’s such a wonderful, kind, supportive person – only the very best for the future of this linky and community of great bloggers.

#TheList was sort of my baby – 18 months ago I started it as #MumsList, a teeny tiny linky. Then we rebranded when Aby came on board as my cohost and her entrance transformed it into the mega linky it is now.

It would have died a death without Aby and I was finding it harder and harder to give #Thelist the attention it deserves, so I felt it only fair that I move aside.

I believe Amy’s entrance and ideas will help to breath new life into what is almost a veteran in the Linky field! Good luck my lovely friends and I will of course continue to link up as I love a good list…speaking of which, I plan to carry on doing My List each week, not least as a journaling exercise.

I literally don’t know what I do week to week if I haven’t written it down!

Here’s our week in a nutshell…

Real life

My List 1 - Druidge Bay (more…)


...my last List!

04 Dec, 2015

Welcome to The List! This is a blogging linky which I host with the gorgeous Aby from You Baby Me Mummy, all about lists! And we have some exciting news as this week The List is being sponsored by Zazzle, The Make Engine™. They have given us a £50 voucher to give to one of you lucky listers! Aby will use a random number generator to pick the winner next week.  Good luck!

Zazzle want to help everyone to make whatever they can imagine. You can add personal touches to their products and they have sooooo many products to customise! More than you can shake a stick at, some might say. From cards to clothing to mugs, watch, business cards and wall art, they offer super high quality personalised products!

On to this week’s List! If you’re a blogger, please join us with your posts (you’ll see how at the end). If you’re not a blogger, you can still enjoy #Thelist. Explore the posts linked by clicking one of the tiles below. It will take you off to a new blog, which you will love! On to my week’s list…

Real Life

The List 65 - with Zazzle



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