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Learning that 90% is crap. And that's OK

18 May, 2018

A few weeks ago in my post about confidence (and chaos!), I mentioned that I was about to start a creative writing class with my mum.

This time last year I had written 4 and a bit chapters of a children’s book about a Frog Boy. I was really pleased with what I had come up with so far, well the first 2 chapters anyway. Then I showed it to Mike who made some notes on it but because he wasn’t gushing about how great it was, I assumed it was bad.

Obviously, rather than just ask him what he thought for fear of hearing ‘the truth’, I then lost all faith and confidence and decided it was rubbish.

Creative Writing Class

Fast forward a year and last night was our 4th creative writing class. I am totally loving it.

I was nervous because I have perfectionist tendencies and a fear of failure/rejection/embarrassing myself so this was going to challenge my concept of perfect.

I have to drive for an hour to get there, and it runs from 6-9pm. As in, at night. When I’m normally in bed.

But I love, love, love it!

Each week we are given some homework and then we take it in turns to read out what we’ve done in class and offer our thoughts on the piece.

This is incredibly nerve-racking and while I enjoy doing the homework, reading it out in class is terrifying. But the process, in only a few short weeks, has helped me get over two important things:

  1. Embarrassment
  2. Perfectionism


When I’m doing my homework, I don’t always put two and two together and fully imagine myself reading the piece in public. This week’s piece, entitled “My Delicious Hole”, is a prime example. Like what was I thinking?! (more…)

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Life plans, hopes and happy routines

06 Mar, 2018

I used to listen to podcasts every day but when I stopped blogging, this stopped too. I’d forgotten how great they really are! I loved the conversation and all the weird and wonderful things you could learn.

Thankfully my husband, Mike, made me listen to this James Altucher podcast last month. Since then I’ve been avidly listening to the rest of his shows and finding them really motivating. Each one seems to inspire me to write.

find your conversation

I tend to listen to podcasts whilst out walking the dog (hence the massive coat and headphones) or when I’m driving

Two weeks ago it was Sara Blakely (owner of Spanx) who rocked my tiny mind with her ‘I’m an awesome dork’ attitude. It got me to open up and write 8 things that have happened. I’m still cringing from that post but “embarrass yourself and fail often” were key features that stuck out from the Sara interview. (more…)


Another milestone to independence

04 Feb, 2016

Reuben seems to be doing nicely in his 3 year old development. In fact he seems to surprise me every day with what he’s able to do.

The theme of Reuben’s development at the moment is independence and I feel like I’m walking a bit of a tightrope!

I never know when help is required and when I need to back off… the sanctity of peace is constantly in peril!

3 year old development – learning to dress

His latest trick is dressing himself.

It has been both awesome and distressing in equal measures!

3 year old development - learning to dress (more…)


An interview with the award-winning Children's Author and Illustrator

02 Nov, 2015

Have I got a treat for you today… An exclusive interview with the award-winning Children’s Author and Illustrator, Tim Hopgood!

Click here for interview and information about Tim Hopgood's latest book, Walter's Wonderful Web

This time last week, Reuben and I were heading into the village of Corbridge to meet a special guest at the (oh so wonderful) Forum Kid’s Bookshop; Tim Hopgood and his latest creation, Walter’s Wonderful Web. (more…)

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05 Mar, 2015

Happy World Book Day! I’m sure across the land mums and dads have been busy sending their kids off to school in fancy dress – Reuben has packed his favourite book and pyjamas for pre-school!

World Book Day - win with Seven Stories and Action for children!

I’m really excited to bring you a fanatic, exclusive competition this World Book Day, which I have teamed up with Action for Children and Seven Stories to bring you… 

WIN! Over The Hills and Far Away, a Treasury of Nursery Rhymes book and a free Seven Stories family pass. 

World Book Day - win with Seven Stories and Action for children!

This is such a wonderful prize and I have 3 to give away! We are huge fans of Seven Stories, the National Centre for Children’s Books, I’m always blown away by the exhibitions, I love the attic with that huge reading chair and I think their latest project with Action for Children is truly wonderful.

Action for Children, in partnership with Seven Stories, has launched a leading Early Years Arts project in the North East to encourage children to build a positive and life-long relationship with books.

I think this is really awesome, as Mark Benson, Action for Children’s inclusion officer, says: “Research shows that books are the most important indicator of future success for children, regardless of their circumstances or background. Action for Children will be hosting a series of workshops at Sure Start Cowgate and Blakelaw, Sure Start Ashington and Bedlington Children’s Centre based on songs and which bring a story to life and help spark young imaginations.”

Enter the World Book Day Competition

To celebrate this special collaboration and World Book Day (5th March), I’m thrilled that Mums’ Days can offer 3 lucky readers the chance to win a copy of the latest Seven Stories nursery rhymes and a free Seven Stories family pass.

To WIN, all you need to do is fill in the raffelcopter below and share your best story telling tip in the comments below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Action for Children provides early years child development, learning and childcare services to thousands of families through the UK, through its children and family centres.  Click here for more information on the Action for Children Early Years Arts project and specific classes.

You can also join in with Action for Children’s Giant Wiggle, which they are collaborating with The World of Eric Carle™, on 19th March 2015. A Very Hungry Caterpillar conga line? I’m in!

Giant Wiggle and The Very Hungry Caterpillar - world book day give away with Action for Children and Seven Stories


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