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25 Mar, 2013

I’m just coming out of a sugar (and alcohol, I can’t lie) induced Birthday celebrations haze to find that:

a) it’s nearly a month since I started going to Sound Mind and Body and training with Dan. I love it and I feel fitter but…

b) in terms of weight loss after pregnancy? The scales have barely budged (I have lost an embarrassing 3lbs)!

I feel terrible because Dan has been working really hard with me and I am letting the side down. Ultimately it comes down to me and my food diary…!

A few weeks ago Dan went through the food diary that I kept for a week and a half after we started. Now bare in mind that this was me being ‘good’, I found it enlightening. The following week I was good and we had a little bit of a breakthrough on the scales, but after last week’s Birthday escapades I need a rocket up my bum if I’m going to meet my first weight loss after pregnancy goal, which is “I have a date with a bikini in Gran Canaria on 8th April. I’d like to…feel confident to wear a bikini while we’re on holiday.”



11 Mar, 2013

As part of my exercise after pregnancy mission, yesterday morning I met with Dan from Sound Mind and Body to talk mummy tummy, or more specifically how to get rid of my mummy tummy. As promised, we’ve done some suitably embarrassing and bad quality video clips to demonstrate! Here’s the intro…



04 Mar, 2013

Sound, Mind and Body is a boutique personal training gym that provides bespoke fitness solutions and they were looking for someone who had recently had a baby to train and share their post-pregnancy fitness goals and journey. As you know, despite my best intentions, I have been halfheartedly trying to lose the baby weight and safely exercise after pregnancy. By some happy convenience Sound, Mind and Body managed to find me!

So, here is the dealio with this exercise after pregnancy lark…Dan is going to train me twice a week for the next 3 months. He is going to give me a plan so I can workout in between these sessions (ha!) and while Jodie Marsh is somewhat out of reach (he says it’ll take around a year to get to that and to be fair I don’t really want to look that buff), I should be able to achieve a mum version of it! In return I will be blogging/tweeting/vining/instagramming what we get up to.


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26 Feb, 2013

Just a quickie but I’m starting my personal training sessions today at Sound, Mind and Body Gym…I’m really nervous! The guy I’m going to be working with looks like Vin Diesel’s younger, taller brother (who would win a fight with the terminator). I’m also really excited to kick start my proper exercise after pregnancy. I’ve taken it pretty easy so far because my SPD just sort of carried on after pregnancy. Things like lying on my side in bed particularly made my ‘area’ hurt. Apparently this is because up to 6 months after pregnancy (and longer if you breastfeed) your body is still full of hormones that make your ligaments bendy.

Exercise after pregnancy inspiration

I was advised to wait 6 months before doing tough exercise after pregnancy and hitting the weights hard – like I even know how! But…with Dan’s help, now I’m going to learn and I’ve been looking for some inspiration or thinspiration (Ha! Loser.) to get me in the mood. Not that I’m aspiring to be thin per se but rather fit, slim and with muscles. But that doesn’t make for a great pun.

I’m hoping Dan can help me get somewhere between where I am now and Jodie Marsh. Preferably closer to Jodie though. I know a lot of people don’t like her physique but I do, I like the muscle definition. Now, since she works out for 3 hours a day (or more) to look like that, there is no way I have the time or energy to actually look like her but I definitely want more muscle, less fat!

Fellow new Mama, super stylish Tori, who did a baby fashion post for me back in July last year has an ace pinterest board called FIT full of motivational pictures and quotes. I am basically completely copying this idea with my new thinspiration pinterest board! Please do follow it if you fancy joining in my quest to fight the bulge…I’ll be posting pictures, links to workouts, and anything else relevant to the quest!

Exercise after pregnancy

‘Thinspiration’ Pinterest Board  to help with my exercise after pregnancy goals!


15 Feb, 2013

I’ve been taking pictures of my body after pregnancy – I took a photo 4 days after giving birth to Reuben, then at 3 weeks and then at 5 months. After a conversation with a couple of my blog readers who are still pregnant, they said it would be interesting to see this. Like me, they are keen to know about the body after pregnancy and, ultimately, losing weight after pregnancy. So, this is all rather revealing and apologies to anyone who really doesn’t want to see this but…

My body after pregnancy

body after pregnancy4 days after giving birth

After 4 days, I was astounded by how much my belly had gone down but I absolutely HATED looking at myself face on! Love handle central. Looking back I now see you can hardly tell because my norks are so massive!

Body after pregnancy3 weeks after giving birth

Still large norks and love handles but the good news is, by 3 weeks time I had lost 10kgs (I had put on around 15kgs and this weight loss was entirely due to not having a baby and loads of water in there, but also breastfeeding and forgetting to eat during a crazy, blurry, exhausting 3 weeks of newborn life) which was enough to make me feel good about myself. Tired but good. So if you have something coming up around a month or so after you’ve given birth you might be pleasantly surprised by how quickly your body rearranges itself!

Body after pregnancy5 months after giving birth* 

The bad news is that I stayed at this weight for the next 3 or 4 months. It wasn’t until I started to do a high protein diet (not very strictly I have to say and I never did ‘weigh in’ as I went into a pre-Christmas slump!) and loads (sort of) of exercise that I managed to lose a bit more. Since New Year when I stopped feeding Reuben during the day, I’m now back into a pair of fairly tight trousers I used to wear for work (which I’m thrilled with!) but since my boobs have shrunk, the dip in the scales is most probably my body saying goodbye to my Jodie Marsh bazoomers.

So that’s it. My hips and rib cage have almost gone back to where they were. However, while I might be back to where I started on the scales, I don’t have the same body I started with. Various things just aren’t the same, most notably my belly  – it’s OK when I’m standing, but as soon as I sit the muscles are nowhere to be seen! As a result I’ve spent the last 6 months wearing this baby:

Body after pregnancyMarks and Spencers bodysuit

I mentioned this on Monday in the Breastfeeding in public post…basically it gives me a bit of body confidence as it does what my muscles should and holds the ‘excess skin’ in place when I sit (rather than a major overhang over the jeans). Now we’ve reached that 6 month mark it’s time to get control (literally) of my body and ditch the bodysuit! But with target areas being my arms, legs, TUMMY, back…basically all my muscles, it feels a bit daunting. So I’ve got myself a personal trainer!!!!! We’re away next week at Centre Parcs so I’ve organised to see Dan from Sound, Mind and Body Gym a week on Tuesday. He was slightly taken aback when I said I want to look like Jody Marsh (please read this before you judge me!) but you’ve got to aim high right? I shall of course fill you in on my progress.

*For some bizarre reason I thought it would be a good idea to take the pictures with the same pants on – I realise now that was a stupid idea as it looks like I only wear one sorry looking pair of nautical knickers…I do have many more different ones, I promise.


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